Speakers at BP17

Since its origins in 2014, BP Translation Conferences have always have attracted some of the best speakers around. Here is this year’s gang. As usual, names are listed in the alphabetical order of the first names.  Most of the images are clickable, with a dedicated web page for each speaker/session.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

BP17 Translation Conference - Judy Jenner masterclass

BP17 Translation Conference Miklós Urbán masterclass memoQ training

BP17 Translation Conference - Paula Arturo masterclass - Translation Contract BP17 Budapest Translation Conference - Sameh Ragab Masterclass 1

Masterclasses on this day are priced separately from the conference itself. Click on each image to find out about the prices.

Friday, 5 May 2017

BP17 stripe Caterina Saccani collaborating BP17 stripe David Jemielity
BP17 stripe Dorota Pawlak BP17 stripe Iwona Piatkowska Biarda
BP17 Transation Conference Jonathan Downie visible interpreter stripe BP17 stripe Judy Jenner
BP17 stripe Konstantin Kisin BP17 stripe Michael Farrell CV
BP17 stripe Nick Rosenthal BP17 stripe Oliver Lawrence
BP17 stripe Paula Arturo BP17 stripe Paula Ribeiro

Friday talks are covered by all BP17 conference tickets (i.e. both 1-day and 2-day passes).


Saturday, 6 May 2017

BP17 Translation Conference Budapest Caterina Saccani finding the right niche stripe

BP17 stripe Ellen Singer
BP17 stripe Gabi Nagy GTD BP17 stripe Irene Koukia
BP17 stripe Ivana Elezovic Babic BP17 stripe Jonathan Hine
BP17 stripe Joy Phillips BP17 stripe László Szabó
BP17 stripe Marek Buchtel BP17 stripe Meg Dziatkewicz
BP17 stripe Michael Farrell Transcreation BP17 stripe Nicole König
BP17 stripe Nigel Saych BP17 stripe Pablo Mugüerza

BP17 stripe Sameh Ragab

BP17 stripe Simon Akhrameev
BP17 stripe Sue Leschen

Saturday sessions are covered only by 2-day passes.


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