Paula Arturo: The basics of business law and negotiation

The basics of business law and negotiation for translators

In this presentation at BP16 Translation Conference, Paula Arturo gave the audience a crash course on international business law and negotiation.  The session helps freelance translators overcome the asymmetry of information and gain more negotiating power when entering into binding agreements.

Some of key areas of this session include:

  • What is translation from a legal point of view
  • Translation as a service
  • Drafting translation contracts
  • Negotiating a contract
  • Exchange of information
  • Translators’ associations as mediators

The speaker – Paula Arturo

Paula Arturo / BP16 Translation Conference / The basics of business law and negotiationPaula Arturo (Buenos Aires) is a lawyer, translator, and Professor of Law. She is an independent lawyer-linguist for the United Nations Universal Periodic Review process of several Latin American States. Paula is also a legal-linguistic consultant for various international organizations, and a member of the Public Policies Forum of the Supreme Court of Argentina. Throughout her career, she has translated several highly technical law books and various publications in international peer-reviewed journals for high-profile authors. As a result of her interest in academic and literary translation, she is an editor of the Law Journal of the University of Palermo.  Since November 2015, Paula will be serving a two-year term as Assistant Administrator of the American Translators Association’s Literary Division.

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