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170 conference sessions

Recorded short talks and conference sessions from the last 6 BP Translation Conferences, with some 130 hours of valuable insights and actionable tips.

Below you can find the full list of sessions available in the Video Library.


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BP Video Library: Subject areas

Below you can find a list of all sessions grouped by subjects.  Sessions are ranked from newest to oldest. Each session is coded: A code of (BP20 07) refers to the 7th session within BP20 Translation Conference. The code is followed by the speaker’s name and the session’s title.

Getting clients / Marketing your services

(BP21 01) Chris Durban: Learning the moves: A guide to romancing the direct market

(BP21 04) Kathryn Smyth: Introduction to GET CLIENTS NOW!™ for more effective marketing

(BP21 17) Susanne Dirks :: More direct clients with Google Ads – a starter kit

(BP21 22) Ana Sofia Correia :: Attending (online) industry events – learn first, network later

(BP20 14) Ellen Singer: Client acquisition messages

(BP21 19) Delfina Morganti Hernández :: 8 steps to creating your content marketing strategy

(BP20 43) Chris Durban / Tony Parr / Ros Schwartz: What I’m doing in the next 4 months for my business

(BP19 20) Olga Jęczmyk: Strategies to get more translation clients in a non-spammy way

(BP19 24) Magda Phili: Bucking the trend of self-promotion (and still obtain the results you want)

(BP18 19) Caterina Saccani: How to gain more visibility in your target market

(BP18 22) Dr Jonathan Downie: Pitching for people who hate sales and marketing

Working with clients

(BP21 05) Chiara Vecchi: Customer service pills for translators

(BP20 03) Gabi Nagy: LSPs vs direct clients — challenges and pitfalls

(BP20 05) Jenny Zonneveld: What makes a quote complete

(BP20 08) Dr Jonathan Downie: Adventures in ClientLand

(BP20 31) Sarah Silva: Fearless follow-up to transform your business

(BP20 34) Virginia Katsimpiri: Turning happy clients into promoters

(BP19 13) Herman Boel: Being a true entrepreneur towards PMs and agencies

(BP19 18) Attila Piróth Power dynamics

(BP19 19) Caroline Alberoni: How to impress clients and make them fall in love with you

(BP19 22) Peter Oehmen: Dealing with difficult customers – conflict management for translators

(BP18 10) Gary Smith: The customer is always right (Not)

(BP18 16) Alessandra Martelli: Translate your client’s personality

(BP18 29) Michael Farrell: Freelance translator client satisfaction surveys

(BP17 04) David Jemielity: The other side of the mirror

(BP17 09) Nick Rosenthal: Customer service – is satisfaction enough?


Improving your client base

(BP21 03) Nora Díaz: Are your clients a good fit for your business goals?

(BP20 02) Chris Durban: Breaking into to premium market

(BP19 01) Tess Whitty: 5 steps to find direct clients

(BP19 07) Sarah Silva: A killer marketing strategy to win your dream clients

(BP19 10) Jenny Zonneveld: From Lada to Lamborghini

(BP19 21) Susanne Präsent-Winkler: How to raise your rates (and still keep your clients)

(BP18 12) Dr Jonathan Downie: For business’ sake, get off your butt

(BP17 02) Judy Jenner: How to convince clients you’re worth every penny

(BP17 10) Nicole König: Dream clients – find’em, make’em, keep’em

(BP17 12) Dr Jonathan Downie: You need to be visible

Running your business

(BP21 02) Martina Eco: The price is right: how to set your translation rates

(BP21 20) Martina Russo :: Why ‘microniching’ is a game changer

(BP21 32) Bex Elder :: Productivity: Moving from being overwhelmed to getting things done

(BP20 10)  Yulia Tsybysheva: How to deal with the feast/famine cycle (to be added soon)

(BP20 18) Vasiliki Prestidge: Business reporting for translators

(BP20 22) Martina Eco: Personal branding in the digital world

(BP20 24) Corinne McKay: Using objective data to set your rates

(BP20 33) Tess Whitty: How to remain successful in an MT-driven world

(BP20 39) Jaquelina Guardamagna: Top tips to thrive as a freelancer

(BP19 16) Jo Rourke: Can retainer models work for translators?

(BP19 25) Vasiliki Prestidge: Are you really a professional?

(BP19 27) Francesca Manicardi: Do you diversify your business

(BP19 29) Iwona Piatkowska: Effective time management for translators

(BP19 30) Carlos la Orden Tovar: Running a translation business as a restaurant: Tips for a balanced menu

(BP18 06) Jo Rourke: Why we are getting value all wrong

(BP16 24) Marek Buchtel: Managing rates and fluctuating workloads

Cooperation with peers

(BP21 25) Birgit Hofmann :: Think big – Teamwork with memoQ

(BP21 34) Martina Abagnale :: Working together (from home)

(BP20 11) Volina Șerban: How to find collaborations outside the translation industry

(BP20 17) Daniel Gonzalez Ménez: The good, the bad and the ugly of outsourcing

(BP19 05) Annina Pfennnig – Peter Oehmen: The benefits of team work

(BP18 11) Ellen Singer: Cross-pollination

(BP17 08) Caterina Saccani: Collaborating with colleagues to get and keep your target clients

Social media / Web presence

(BP20 12) Anastasia Giagopoulou: Successful content marketing for translators

(BP20 26) María Scheibengraf: LinkedIn marketing for translators

(BP18 04) Carlos la Orden Tovar: Why your nice profile isnt attracting any clients

(BP18 08) Carolina Walliter: A killer CV – Lets get visual

(BP18 17) Jo Rourke: Writing your ‘About’ page

(BP17 03) Dorota Pawlak: How blogging can help you attract more customers

(BP17 07) Michael Farrell: Translators need CVs like fish need bicycles

(BP16 01) Gala Gil Amat: Embracing social media for your translation business

Translation as a profession / CPD

(BP20 01) Csaba Bán: A conference like no other

(BP20 04) Olga Deputatova: How to get the most out of conferences

(BP20 29) Anne-Marie Colliander Lind: How social distancing and COVID-19 affects translators

(BP18 01) Joao Roques Dias: What’s going on? (In our profession, that is)

(BP18 02) Tatjana Radmilo: Changing the public perception of translation

(BP18 03) Jeanette Brickner: Your CPD plan for 21st century business

(BP18 27) Judy Jenner: The professionalisation of our profession

(BP18 30) Csaba Bán: Conference wrap-up

(BP17 01) Henry Liu: There will not be any translators in 2025. Really?

(BP16 14) Konstantin Kisin: Translation industry talkshow

(BP16 15) Christelle Maignan: Translation in transition

(BP16 16) Alison Hughes: It’s not what you spend but how you spend it

Personal finance

(BP21 21) Jason Willis-Lee :: Personal finance tips for senior translators and interpreters

(BP20 40) Jason Willis-Lee: Personal finance tips for translators

(BP17 11) Iwona Piątkowska: Wealth dynamics for freelance professionals

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Technical tips

(BP21 23) Sameh Ragab :: Handling translation-related Big Data

(BP20 06) Sameh Ragab: Automation hacks for translators

(BP20 13) Anthony Rudd: Regular Expression cookbook for translators

(BP20 15) Stanislav Okhvat: From dreaded PDFs to translatable Word documents

(BP20 21) Oleg Semerikov: Keyword optimization for Google ads and your translation business

(BP20 25) Carlos la Orden Tovar: Oh, my backup! Making sure you have a plan B…

(BP20 32) Iryna Lebedyeva: Technologies as a translator’s best friend

(BP19 08) Ágnes Kmilcsik: Never send a human to do a machine’s job

(BP19 11) Javier Ortiz: What Excel can do for your attitude as an entrepreneur (for non-geeks)

(BP19 17) Andriy Yasharov: Learn what is what about terminology extraction tools

(BP19 26) Sherif Abuzid: Productivity hacks for translators

(BP18 09) Sameh Ragab: Web scraping for translators

(BP18 18) Marek Pawelec: Know your tools

(BP18 21) Marek Buchtel: Translator in the cloud

(BP16 08) Sameh Ragab: An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory (part 1)

(BP16 09) Sameh Ragab: An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory (part 2)

(BP16 22) Tiago Neto: Work those vocal cords! (Tips on speech recognition)


Tools (hardware)

(BP20 27) Denise Günter: How to be truly mobile — Tips and tricks on how to run a flexible business

(BP20 28) Deniz Aker: Travel light – work lighter (on a tablet?!) (to be added soon)

CAT tools & Machine Translation

(BP21 24) Ellen Singer :: Making the most of your CAT (mine is memoQ)

(BP21 25) Birgit Hofmann :: Think big – Teamwork with memoQ

(BP21 31) Joanne Chou :: How a book translator ‘accidentally’ developed a CAT tool

(BP20 30) Anna Zaretskaya: The future of translation tools

(BP20 36) Marta Bartnicka: Neural MT: Is it helping you?

(BP18 07) Tom Imhof: Will AI, DL, and neural MT change our lives?

(BP16 02) Miklós Urbán: Do what you are good at – translate -, and let your tools take care of the rest (Language Terminal by memoQ) (sponsored session)

(BP16 05) Lissa Sum: Top five reasons why Across is the perfect tool for your self-marketing (sponsored session)

(BP16 23) Miklós Urbán & Mariann Nagy: Unique localization workshop for memoQ maniacs

Quality assurance

(BP21 10) Ana Ribeiro Olson: “Their baby” is ugly: Now what?

(BP21 09) Helga Benigni-Cokan: Managing & assessing translation quality

(BP21 08) Vatslav Yehurnov: Oh, I’ve been edited

(BP20 37) Helga Benigni-Cokan: Revision: A short history and best practices (to be added soon)

(BP19 02) Dejan Hribar: The ins and outs of Quality Assurance in translation

(BP19 12) Zsuzsanna Ugrin: Making your translation work as a TEXT

(BP18 15) Dolores Guiñazu & Gabriela Escarrá: Master the game – Maximize your QA

(BP16 04) Valeria Aliperta: Why bad translation is like bad coffee


The craft of translation & writing

(BP21 06) Elina Nocera: Watch your tone… for texts that connect

(BP21 07) Rosie Robbins: How to think like a copywriter

(BP21 18) Anastasia Giagopoulou :: How to write captivating headlines

(BP20 19) Elina Nocera: The wonder of decluttering our writing

(BP20 23) Nina Sattler-Hovdar: Transcreation — what it takes to do it well

(BP19 14) Oliver Lawrence: Right your writing for the sweet sound of translation success

(BP18 05) Claudia Befu: Marketing localization: translation transcreation or copywriting?

(BP18 20) Lloyd Bingham: Dealing with Denglish and other source language interference

(BP18 24) Nigel Wheatley: Translation with style

(BP18 28) Alison Hughes & Adriana Tortoriello: Above and Beyond: the Creative text

(BP17 06) Oliver Lawrence: If you mean business, become a better writer

(BP16 11) Jonathan Downie: Public speaking for translators and interpreters


(BP21 11) Sarah Cuminetti :: Unpacking remote consecutive

(BP21 12) Nóra Uhri :: Remote interpreting in practice

(BP21 13) Alice Bertinotti :: Ask an interpreter: 5 steps to level up your next online event

(BP21 14) Tatiana Kaplun :: Interpreting in 2021 – Your Covid-compliant checklist

(BP21 15) Gabriella Nagy :: Plethora of platforms – Tech for RSI

(BP21 16) Sue Leschen :: Remote interpreting is here to stay — Are you ready to negotiate?

(BP19 09) Alice Bertinotti: A (not so) remote future for remote interpreting

Specialization / Niches

(BP21 28) Rafa Lobardino :: Authors and translators – The recipe for a successful collaboration

(BP21 29) Mónica Caldeiro :: Medical translation and literature: Is this science fiction?

(BP21 30) Óscar Curros :: Teamwork and quality assurance in book translation

(BP20 42) Marion Rhodes: SEO Translation: A new niche for translators

(BP19 06) Paige Dygert: What legal clients want – As told by a former client

(BP19 09) Alice Bertinotti: A (not so) remote future for remote interpreting

(BP19 28) Timothy Barton: Translation in developing countries

(BP18 14) Andriy Yasharov: An amazingly fast and almost free way to specialize

(BP16 06) Lucja Biel: The ins and out of EU translation

(BP16 10) Luca Lampariello: Translation as a tool to learn any language

(BP16 12) Steve Vitek : Introduction to modern patent translation

(BP16 20) Dorota Pawlak: Traps and pitfalls in website localisation

(BP16 21) Inga Michaeli: Diversify or specialize? A guide to becoming ‘untouchable’

(BP16 25) Lena Chudnovskaya: Finding your own voice – secrets of opera singers and Siberian shamans

Legal aspects of translation

(BP20 07) Sue Leschen: Non-disclosure agreements – to sign or not to sign

(BP19 15) Irene Koukia: GDPR and Translators: Easy steps to protect your and your clients’ data

(BP18 26) Peter Oehmen: Legal aspects of (technical) translation

(BP17 05) Paula Arturo: Translation contracts – to sign or not to sign

(BP16 03) Cécilia Charlier: Make your search for EU law a success

(BP16 07) Paula Arturo: The basics of business law and negotiation

Soft skills / Mental health

(BP21 33) Dana Szabados :: Business lessons from 1001 nights

(BP21 35) Dorota Pawlak :: A quick start guide for freelance parents

(BP20 09) Luna Jungblut: An introduction to self-care for ambitious people

(BP20 16) Olga Jęczmyk: The power of storytelling: How to connect better with your clients

(BP20 20) Anne-Sophie de Clercq: Do less, live more

(BP20 38) Lucy Brooks: How to retire gracefully — if at all

(BP20 41) Paige Dygert: Mental health in the time of COVID-19

(BP19 03) Anne-Sophie: De Clercq Four tendencies

(BP19 04) Alessandra Vita: Learn how to work less, under better conditions while making more money

(BP19 23) Jaquelina Guardamagna: The power of soft skills in a digital age

(BP18 23) Joy Phillip: Personal challenges in a professional context

(BP18 25) Nigel Saych: Take your work seriously but don’t be your own worst enemy

(BP16 13) Tanya Quintieri: Food for thought – A translator’s life cycle


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