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collaboration, quality assurance, work-life balance, and much more

LIMITED OFFER until 30 June 2024 :: Our most comprehensive video collection yet :: Win a Premium ticket to BP25 in Kraków :: We pay the VAT until 31 May 2024


270+ conference sessions

Recorded short talks, sessions and workshops from the last 7 BP Translation Conferences, with some 220 hours of valuable insights and actionable tips.

The bundle includes:

  • BP Video Library (200+ sessions, BP16 to BP22)
  • 12 workshops (3 hours each)
  • 29 sessions from BP24
  • 29 sessions in Spanish

Below you can find the full list of sessions available in BP Video Library,  covering a wide array of subjects from direct clients and content marketing to PDF conversion and CAT tools.


Reasons to watch BP videos

  • Kickstart your career as a freelance translator
  • Gain inspiration and ideas that you can implement in your own business
  • Catch up with conference sessions that you missed
  • A chance to win a ticket to BP25 Translation Conference in Kraków (12-14 May 2025)
  • Contribute to the operational costs of BP Translation Conferences



Limited offer

This Ultimate Video Bundle is available only until 30 June 2024.

There’s also a special 27% discount until 31 May 2024.

One lucky winner will receive a Premium+ ticket to BP25 Translation Conference in Kraków (conference ticket + 2 dinners + 1 workshop or day trip)  (More details of this prize draw below, in the F.A.Q. section)


Ultimate Video Bundle

270+ videos



Detailed description
  • 29 sessions of BP24 Translation Conference (Zoom recordings, available until 30 September 2024)
  • 5 workshops at BP24 Translation Conference (Zoom recordings, available until 30 September 2024)
  • BP Video Library :: 200+ conference sessions on Vimeo (BP16-BP22), available for 1 year after the access link is activated
  • 7 workshops from BP Workshop Week on Vimeo, available for 3 months after the access link is activated
  • 29 sessions in Spanish from our Spanish online event, available on Vimeo for 6 months after the access link is activated
  • Detailed list of all the sessions/workshops: see the pdf guide below
  • All sales are final; no refund 


270+ videos + Winter Translation Forum 24



Detailed description
  • Everything in the Ultimate Video Bundle
  • Attendance at our multilingual online event Winter Translation Forum 24 (1-3 December 2024)
  • Access to the recordings of WTF24 until 28 February 2025

Geographically differentiated prices

To make our online content more affordable to a wider range of translators around the world, prices are lower in countries with a lower average income level.

Prices are determined by your IP address.

You may experience a mismatch in the price if you are currently residing in a country different from the country where your business or yourself are registered.


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A special discont of 27% is applied automatically until 31 May 2024.  VAT is still payable in the above cases, but if you purchase until 31 May 2024, you essentially end up paying the undiscounted net price.


Terms + Prize draw

Since you’ll receive access to the videos right after your purchase, all sales are final, and there is no refund.

Prize draw: one lucky winner will receive a Premium+ ticket to BP25 Translation Conference in Kraków (12-14 May 2025).  This includes conference attendance + catering at the event + 2 dinners + 1 workshop or 1 day trip.

One Premium+ ticket will be drawn for each batch of 150 eligible purchases. (Eligible purchase: 1 Ultimate Video Bundle or 1 UVB + WTF24 combo, purchased until 30 June 30 2024.)

For a fraction of a batch of 150 purchases, a discount of commensurate value will be drawn.  For example, if there are 225 eligible purchases, one  Premium+ ticket and one 50% discount will be drawn.

Prizes cannot be transferred, but can be used once until May 2027.   No cash equivalent will be paid.

Prizes will be drawn at an online Zoom event on 2 July 2024.

Why is it not free?

BP Translation Conferences are run by a freelance translator.

There are no large international organizations, government bodies, CAT tool vendors, or giant LSPs behind us.

All revenue goes to covering our operational costs.

How to watch the videos

Our videos are stored on two different platforms: Vimeo and Zoom.  

Three video collections are on Vimeo:  BP Video Library (200+ conference sessions), BP Workshop Week (7 workshops), and our Spanish collection of 29 sessions. 

For these, you’ll receive unique URLs by email.  Click on the link, create your login credentials for Vimeo, and start watching the videos.

Videos from BP24 Translation Conference are available on Zoom. You’ll receive the necessary links to the recordings in an email.  The recordings are available until 30 September 2024.

Here are some of the sessions included in BP Video Library

Scroll through this document to find the right videos for you, or be inspired by some randomly displayed sessions below

Either way, you’ll find all of these in our BP Video Library


1. Buy the item

You can simply select the desired item (BP Video Library) from our BPconf shop. You can pay using wire transfer or bank card. As soon as the funds are cleared on our account, you’ll receive a unique URL that will open the Vimeo channel that includes all the videos.


2. Watch on Vimeo

You’ll have a full year to watch your videos on Vimeo, a website for premium video content.

Use the same login credentials on Vimeo for a full year — access the videos from any device.


3. Apply what you learn

Gather some inspiration from what you learn and implement some changes in the way you conduct your freelancing business. Ultimately we all want to grow professionally and do better financially.

And don’t be shy, tell your colleagues about this opportunity!

Crowdfunding project

Whether you purchase the videos at the regular price, or at an occasional discount, your money goes into funding BP Translation Conferences. We are not affiliated with and not funded by any national or international translators’ association, any EU or national institution, nor any CAT tool vendor.

This is a crowdfunding campaign to allow us to continue delivering awesome stuff to you.

Revenue from video sales will be used to improve the content and quality of next year’s video recordings by allowing us to invite even better speakers, using more cameras during the sessions.

Part of the revenue will be used to improve the invisible back-end that’s necessary to run an event for hundreds of people:  we’re working on upgrading our CRM system, 

and we have several other ideas to implement in order to improve your conference experience.

In a Kickstarter campaign you would pay some serious amount upfront in exchange of a promise that you may receive a product or a service several months down the line.

Here, for a small amount, you receive ~230 hours of videos with valuable, actionable advice from what is probably the most popular annual training and networking event for freelance translators in Europe.

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