Ellen Singer: Ethics and integrity – Best practice based on scenarios

Ethics and integrity – Best practice based on scenarios

We will discuss responses to specific scenarios to see if we all agree on the best practice options. Every scenario provides a framework to discuss and hopefully agree on the “right” response. Sitting at our desks we sometimes do not foresee the repercussions of certain actions. Attendees may provide scenarios beforehand to include in the prepared scenarios. If there is time we can discuss other topics not included in the scenarios. This is an interactive session.

Examples: Two requests for a quote for the same text from two agencies or companies. / Using memory for competitor. / Competitor terminology. / Direct access to agency’s contact.

Integrity leads to long-term relationships!

BP17 Translation Conference Budapest Ellen Singer Ethics and Integrity workshop

Ellen Singer

Ellen Singer has been a technical translator for more than twenty years at AzTech Solutions, a small translation agency that provides a wide range of services. Although she specializes in technical translation, Ellen’s interests and skills are far-ranging. She relishes the challenge of projects requiring creativity and rhyming skills, as well as transcreation projects, and she has spoken at translation conferences on a wide range of other topics. Ellen and Enrico manage their business and three children together.

Practical details

This 50-minute session is scheduled for Saturday, 6 May, 2017.  You can attend this session by purchasing a 2-day pass to BP17, covering both Friday and Saturday.