Ivana Elezović Babić: Cracking the jargon code: software localization

Cracking the jargon code: software localization

This session is about “cracking” the jargon of a specific narrow industry in software localization process, from the important stage of information gathering, through genuinely understanding the context, communicating efficiently with the client about the terminology and managing translation consistency. How do we as linguists come around understanding complex technical contents, as the premise is that we need to fully understand the subject in order to translate it.

BP17 Translation Conference Ivana Elezovic Babic software localization session card

Ivana Elezović Babić

Ivana Elezovic Babic, MA in Mandarin Chinese and English language and literature. Over 10 years of international translation experience, mostly in interpreting, localization and literary translation. Currently a Quality Control Manager in BEPS Translations where she focuses on CAT tools, quality assessment processes and methodology of translation/localization projects.

Practical details

This 50-minute session is scheduled for Saturday, 6 May, 2017.  You can attend this session by purchasing a 2-day pass to BP17, covering both Friday and Saturday.