Irene Koukia: How to save time by automating frequent tasks

How to save time by automating frequent tasks

Don’t we all spend a lot of time on tasks such as invoicing, sending offers to new potential clients, replying to typical emails such as availability requests, drafting price lists for new clients, etc.? This session shall provide you with tips and ideas on how to automate repetitive or similar tasks in order to save valuable time. It examines what could be automated and suggests ways to achieve best results.

It includes a selection of tools and templates to (i) save time, (ii) minimize mistakes, (iii) get organized, (iv) keep everything under control.

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Irene Koukia

Irene Koukia is a Technical Translator & Trainer, native in Greek & German. She worked as an International Travel Consultant for 20 years and used to teach at a Vocational Training School in the “Hotel Food & Beverage Department”. She became a translator only in 2008, but she managed to grow her business successfully, implementing managerial and marketing skills obtained through her former occupation. She became a Certified Business Coach in 2015 and is currently studying Business Administration at the Hellenic Open University. Apart from translating, she teaches at Metafrasi School of Translation since 2015 and is a member of STEMG for Simplified Technical English since 2013.

Practical details

This 50-minute session is scheduled for Saturday, 6 May, 2017.  You can attend this session by purchasing a 2-day pass to BP17, covering both Friday and Saturday.