Miklós Urbán: memoQ training at upper-intermediate level

memoQ training at upper-intermediate level

Be a memoQ guru!

BP17 Translation Conference Miklós Urbán masterclass memoQ trainingImagine a situation where a customer requires an urgent translation with the deadline of… yesterday. You work all night long, send your translation in the morning, and when you are just about to have some rest, you discover that the next translation project is waiting impatiently in your inbox already – deadline: yesterday! Sounds familiar, huh?

In situations like this, you just don’t have the time to get familiar even with the basic functionalities behind memoQ – not to mention the power features and productivity boosters that can speed up your work, help optimize your entire workflow – and, just maybe, spare you enough time for a well-deserved sleep!

The goal of this session is to give a generic overview of memoQ with special emphasis on features that you don’t necessary use on a daily basis; though they can make your life – as a freelance translator – much easier.

This course is for freelance translators with beginner and intermediate knowledge of memoQ.

We’d like to make the most out of this training: that being said, please forward the topics you are interested in to sandor.papp@kilgray.com. We will consider all your suggestions when setting up the training schedule.

Mikós Urbán

Miklós is the professional services manager of Kilgray, responsible for deployment, implementation and optimization of memoQ server based translation management systems. He is essentially a technical person, but gained experience in localization working through all stages in the localization process including translation, language engineering and managing production teams. Managed the production teams of two of the largest language service providers in Hungary. He always aimed at streamlining localization processes, automating workflows, increasing localization quality, and reducing costs. He holds substantial experience in designing, developing and implementing integration between systems used in translation management. He regularly leads training sessions for translation management teams and courses at universities. His core specialties are project management and memoQ based workflows. He is a hobby sky-watcher.

Practical details

The masterclass will take place between 14:00 and 17:30 on Thursday, 4 May, 2017 at Hotel Aréna in Budapest (BP17 conference hotel).  The exact room will be announced before the event, and will be signposted on the spot.

Early bird price of this masterclass is 65€ plus VAT if applicable.  The first 10 tickets are available at this price.

The ticket includes snacks, refreshments, coffee/tea at the coffee break (15:30 – 16:00). Other masterclasses will have coffee breaks at the same time, allowing for some excellent pre-conference networking opportunities.

Tickets are available from our webshop – look for the same image as shown above. (Registration will open soon.)


BP17 Translation Conference Lunch 4 MayLunch is not included in the masterclass ticket, but it’s available at the hotel restaurant.  The hotel recommended people who wish to have lunch on Thursday order it in advance. The reason is they’d need to cater to a large number of people in a short time frame.

The hotel will prepare three kinds of set menus: vegetarian, poultry, and beef.  Specific meals will be announced later.

Each set menu includes soup + main course + dessert + one glass of non-alcoholic drink, and costs 22€ + VAT if applicable.

You will receive a little card at the conference registration desk to prove you pre-ordered a lunch, and you’ll need to present this card at the restaurant.

If you’re interested, please add this item in the webshop.  After placing your order (with all the other conference items), you will receive a link to the registration form: at the bottom of this form there’s a free text field.  Please indicate your menu choice in this field (i.e. vegetarian / poultry / beef).

In theory you can also order food à la carte, but during the break between masterclasses (12:30 – 14:00) the restaurant will be busy catering for people who pre-ordered their lunch.