Simon Akhrameev: How to develop a local translation business

How to develop a local translation business

The session will consist of 5 main sections. Introduction: In this section, I will cover the main reasons why we should consider local translation business opportunities, examples of areas to focus on for a one-man local translation business. Branding and Marketing: This section will cover the issues of personal branding and marketing plan for the small translation business. You will learn how to identify your ideal client and how to work on your personal brand. Website: The third section will include instructions on how to choose a perfect domain name, hosting provider, how to launch your website using WordPress, how to choose website theme, and what plugins are absolutely necessary to install to ensure fast and secure website operation. Promotion and Advertising: The forth will be dedicated to blogging, SMM, and paid search as online marketing and BLT as offline marketing methods applicable for the translation business. Tools and resources: In the fifth section you will find a set of tools required to build and run your translation business effectively, starting from marketing automation and ending with invoicing.

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Simon Akhrameev

Certified English-Russian translator, entrepreneur, blogger. Simon has over 9 years of professional translation experience in the field of technical, legal and marketing translations. Simon runs two blogs about translation business: Russian Translator Pro main business website with a blog dedicated to client education, and Successful Freelance Translator designed to help translators build personal brand, develop website, run marketing campaign and find better paying clients.

Practical details

This 50-minute session is scheduled for Saturday, 6 May, 2017.  You can attend this session by purchasing a 2-day pass to BP17, covering both Friday and Saturday.