2 May: Sessions in 3 tracks

On Thursday, 2 May 2019 we’ll kick off BP19 Translation Conference with a full day of 18 informative sessions in 3 parallel tracks from 9:00 to 17:30.   Each session will last for 55 minutes.  Two long coffee breaks and a lenghty lunch break are included to allow for those all-important encounters and discussions.

Click on the session cards to reveal more information about the subjects and the speakers.

7:50 – 8:50

Badge pickup

For people who did not attend the welcome reception the previous night.  You’ll find the registration desk in the lobby of the conference hotel.

9:00 – 9:55

BP19 Translation Conference - Tess Whitty - Five steps to find direct clients

BP19 Translation Conference - Dejan Hribar - The ins and outs of Quality Assurance in translation

BP19 Translation Conference - Anne-Sophie de Clercq - Hectic lives + happy clients: Four Tendencies to rule them all

9:55 – 10:35       Coffee break

10:35 – 11:30

BP19 Translation Conference - Alessandra Vita - Learn how to work less, under better conditions, while making more money

BP19 Translation Conference - Annina Pfennig / Peter Oehmen - The benefits of team work in two approaches

BP19 Translation Conference - Paige Dygert - What legal clients want – As told by a former client

11:40 – 12:35

BP19 Translation Conference - Sarah Silva - A killer marketing strategy to win your dream clients

BP19 Translation Conference - Ágnes Kmilcsik - Never send a human to do a machine's job

BP19 Translation Conference - Alice Bertinotti - A (not so) remote future for interpreting

12:35 – 13:50    Lunch break

13:50 – 14:45

BP Translation Conference - Javier Ortiz - What Excel can do for your attitude as an entrepreneur (for non-geeks)

BP19 Translation Conference - Zsuzsanna Ugrin - Making your translation work as a text

14:55 – 15:50

BP19 Translation Conference - Herman Boel - Being a true entrepreneur towards PMs and agencies

BP19 Translation Conference - Irene Koukia - GDPR and Translators: Easy steps to protect your and your clients’ data

BP19 Translation Conference - Oliver Lawrence - Right your writing for the sweet sound of translation success

15:50 – 16:30    Coffee break

16:30 – 17:25

BP19 Translation Conference - Jo Rourke - Can retainers work for translators?

BP19 Translation Conference - Andriy Yasharov - Learn what is what about terminology extraction tools

BP19 Translation Conference - Attila Piróth - Power dynamics


19:30 – 23:00

Gala dinner: details

The basics

We’ll have the ‘gala’ dinner at Cantina Jazz Bentivoglio, at via Mascarella 4/B, a 15-minute walk from the conference hotel. Don’t expect large round tables though: that’s the reason for the inverted commas.

The dinner is not covered by the conference ticket, unless you buy a ‘full package’ ticket.  The dinner will cost around 55-60€ (+ VAT if applicable), including a set menu plus drinks. You may bring guests as well.

The dinner will probably start at 19:30 and lasts until about 22:00, but can stay until 1 am.  After 10 pm you’ll need to pay individually for your drinks. There’s no bar, so you’ll need to order your drinks from a waiter, and pay as soon as you’re served.

We may also have some live music, more details later.

A possible menu

Glass of spumante with savory snacks

Vegetables flan in parmesan sauce

Tortelloni (stuffed with ricotta cheese) with butter and sage sauce

“Strichetti” with vegetables

Braised beef with sangiovese wine sauce with baked potatoes

Homemade chocolate cake with sweet mascarpone cheese cream

Wine / water / soft drinks / tea / coffee


On the registration form you’ll be able to indicate if you need a special diet: vegetarian / vegan / lactose-free / gluten-free.

The restaurant will prepare suitable meals for people with such diets.  At registration desk in the hotel you’ll receive special cards matching your diet, so that the waiters in the restaurant know whom to serve such meals.

How to get to the dinner venue

The restaurant is some 15-minute walk from the hotel, the map showing the recommended route.  At the end of the hotel’s street you’ll see one of the surviving medieval gates, with a hill behind it. Turn right here on via dell’Independezia and walk until you see a statue of Garibaldi. Alternatively (dotted route) you can walk up the stairs and walk through the park on top of the hill, which is a landscaped garden from 1662, built on top of the ruins of a former papal palace.

After the Garibaldi statue walk into a narrow street to see one of Bologna’s most iconic sights: a canal flowing between buildings that used to be mills in earlier times. One block away there’s a tiny window through a bridge for another glimpse, but there are usually queues (especially when the BP19 crowd descends on the city).

The continuously curving street after this (via Augosto Righi + via delle Moline) follows the line of the inner circle of medieval walls. Count on 30 minutes for the entire walk to include time for photos.  Alternatively you can take bus 37 from near the hotel until stop ‘Irnerio’.

If you leave the hotel as soon as the last session is over, you have time for a short walking tour of the old town. To save time, hop on a bus near the hotel (same spot as shown on the upper map). Bus 25 and 30 take you to the old town.

You can walk around Piazza Maggiore (main square). The best places for photos are the Neptune fountain and the basilica.  South and east of the main square are several narrow streets and archways where it’s good to wander around aimlessly. In some side streets you can discover surviving medieval towers.  Leave the double towers (due torri) for the end of your walk. From here’s it’s a 7-10 minute walk to the resaurant along the route marked in red, through the former medieval Jewish ghetto.

The whole area is excellent for shopping as well. South of the main square you can find high-end shops (Armani, Gucci, etc.), while north of the square, on via dell’ Indepenza it’s high-street fashion (Zara, H&M, etc.). There’s a good bookshop opposite the two towers.