Annina Pfennig – Peter Oehmen: The benefits of team work in two approaches

BP19 Translation Conference - Annina Pfennig / Peter Oehmen - The benefits of team work in two approaches

High quality work, a trusted editor and increased capacity on the one hand; vacation, sick time, parental leave on the other. Sounds like a dream? We will present you two different approaches on how teaming up with your colleagues can have a major influence on your professional and private life. Annina chose to remain a freelancer but collaborates on each of her projects with a tight-knit team of translators. Peter took a more formal route to team up with a trusted colleague. Together we will talk about the benefits and challenges we have encountered.

Annina translates from English to German and specializes in educational technology, software and tourism. After completing her M.A. in Translation at Kent State University, she worked for 1.5 years at two agencies. She has been a freelance translator since April 1, 2008, no joke!

Peter translates from Dutch to German and specializes in renewable energy, e-mobility and sustainable building. After being in the translation business for about 17 years, he started a limited partnership company with his language counterpart in 2017. He quit smoking on April 1, 2004, no joke!

BP19 Translation Conference - Peter Oehmen

This session is scheduled for Thursday, 2 May 2019.

The exact time and room will be announced by mid-April.