Welcome to BP17 🙂

BP17 Translation Conference is an international event to be held in Budapest on 4-5-6 May, 2017.  We’ll have speakers from around the world.  In fact, our keynote speaker, Henry Liu, president of FIT, will fly in from New Zealand.

The event is mainly for freelance translators and interpreters, but among the attendees we’ll also have some representatives of translation agencies.

Jump-start your career

You can’t find any better way to jump-start career than by attending a world-class event for freelance translators and interpreters.

In a bid to attract our future colleagues, we are reaching out to the student community by offering a special discount.

As an example, a ticket for Friday costs 99€ instead of 149€ for eligible students. (This includes all sessions, plus catering all day long, including dinner.)

Explore the website

As a first step, it’s a good idea to explore the conference website.  You can find all the necessary information, including the speakers, the conference schedule, the masterclasses, the accommodation, the web shop, etc.

Purchasing your ticket

Please note that all prices are quoted without VAT.   If you have a valid EU VAT ID (e.g. DE12345678), you don’t have to pay VAT on any of the items.

We have a detailed shopping guide as well that answers the most frequently asked questions.

Eligibility and discounts

You must meet two eligibility criteria to get the student discount. First, you need to be enrolled in the current or need to have been enrolled in the previous (’15/’16) academic year as a full-time student of translation, interpreting, terminology, or linguistics studies.  Second, you need to be under 30 years of age at the time of the conference.

Please send a scanned proof of your enrollment form and your ID card to

Faculty members active in the field of translation, interpreting, terminology, or similar fields are also eligible for the same discount.  Please send a scanned proof of your status to

In a return e-mail you’ll receive a discount code that will allow you to get 33.3% discount on the following items:   ‘Friday’, ‘2-day pass’, as well as all masterclasses on Thursday.

Please note that the student discount cannot be combined with any other coupon codes.

Please note that a 27% VAT is applicable if you purchase your ticket as an individual. It’s a good idea to find a colleague with an established business to avoid paying VAT. (Within the European Union an EU VAT ID is necessary for this.)