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You may want to read the F.A.Q. first, especially the one about VAT (below).

Do I need to pay VAT?

Prices of tickets and other items are listed without Value Added Tax (VAT).

For events taking place in Italy a 22% VAT is payable on the top of te actual ticket price.

181211_VAT categories

You will need to pay VAT (i) if you purchase your ticket as an individual, no matter where you live; (ii) if you purchase your ticket as a company based in Italy.

You don’t have to pay VAT (iii) if you purchase your ticket as a business based in any other member state of the European Union outisde Italy AND you have a valid VAT ID that exists in the EU’s VIES database; (iv) if you purchase your ticket as a business based outside the European Union. In this case it’s your responsibility to comply with your own country’s tax regulations. In some countries it’s sufficient to state that you’re an individual entrepreneur after your name.

Read the full text of our Terms & Conditions here

How to buy your ticket: a step by step guide

1.  Select the item(s) you wish to purchase

First you’re on the ‘Shop’ page: here you can see the description of each item by clicking on its image.  If you’re happy with it, click on ‘Add to cart’.

BPconf shopping process

2.  Click on ‘View Cart’

Once you added all the items you wish to purchase, click on ‘View cart’ next to any of the ‘Add to cart’ buttons.

3.  Apply any discount coupon

Now the ‘Cart’ page opens, listing all the items you selected for purchasing.  On this page you add a coupon code for a discount;  you can change the quantity of individual items, or you may even return to the ‘Shop’ page to add another item.

4.  Click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’

Once you applied any coupon codes and you checked the quantity off each item, please click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’.  At this point the VAT amount is shown for everyone, but you can change this in the next step.

5.  Read up about VAT

The Checkout page is the trickiest of all, since this is where you’ll need to speficy if you purchase your ticket as a business or an individual.  In case of any doubt, please read the FAQ items shown on top of the page.   You can also return to the previous page if you like.

6.  Individual or business?

If you purchase your ticket as a business, and you’re based outside Italy, VAT will not be charged.  Click on the arrow shown here, and a dropdown list appears. Click on ‘Business’.

7.  Fill in your invoicing details

Fill in the name of your business here. If you’re based in the EU, you’ll have to fill in your VAT ID as well, without a space (E.g. DE123456789). This is checked immediately against the VIES database.  Sometimes the VIES server may be busy or some of the national databases may be temporarily unavailable. In this case try again in a few seconds.

These fields do not appear if you selected ‘individual’ in the previous step.

8.  Check the VAT line

If you’re eligible for VAT-free purchase (basically you purchase your ticket as a business that’s based outside Italy), the VAT amount will be zero.

9.  Place the order

Select your preferred method of payment (1). Please note that for credit card / PayPal, a 3.9% surcharge will be added. PayPal is used as a card processing service.   Make sure you agree with the Terms & Conditions (2).  Finally please click on the button ‘Place the order’ (3).

10.  Further instructions

On this page you will find further instructions (bank account details) — you’ll also receive these in an automated email; please check your inbox.   If you pay with a credit card, you’ll be taken to PayPal’s secure card processing page where you can fill in your card details as usual.

11.  Check your inbox

You will receive a couple of automated emails as soon as you place your order.  If you selected Bank transfer or Transferwise, please pay the amount within a couple of days. You will receive your deposit invoice as soon as your payment appears on our bank account.

12. Made a mistake? Start over!

If you realise you made a mistake and you haven’t paid yet, simply ignore your existing order and existing pro forma invoice, and go through the shopping process again.

13.  Attendee page & the event app

You will receive a link where you can set up your attendee profile on the website.  This page will be made visible soon.  Even more importantly, please take a few minutes to create a profile in our event app.  You will receive an invitation within a couple of days after you receive your invoice.

14. See you in Bologna!

That’s it.  You’ll receive some emails as we get closer to the conference. In Bologna you simply show up at the conference hotel where you’ll receive your badge and other material — and you’re in!

Waiting list (for certain workshops and a possible one-day ticket)

At least one workshop is now sold out, with another one to follow soon.    We’re introducing a waiting list for two reasons.  First,  someone may cancel their conference attendance altogether, in which case a spot at a  workshop may be freed up.   Second, currently we have two small meeting rooms booked for the workshops, one with 12 seats, the other one with 15 seats.    In case several people sign up for the waiting list for a workshop that’s already sold out, we may book a larger meeting room.

Some people may be interested in a one-day ticket.  For the time being we’re aiming at filling up the capacity with regular two-day tickets.  Since on Thursday, 2 May we’ll have sessions in 3 parallel tracks,  we may be able to accommodate some more people on this day.   By late March it will be clear if we introduce one-day tickets for this day.  The price is likely to be around 70% of a 2-day ticket.

Waiting list