How to register

1. Select the events/products you wish to register for (hover over the image then press the + button), then add them to the cart.

2. Apply any discount coupon you may have, then proceed to the Checkout page.

3. Enter your billing details, selecting ‘Company billing’ if applicable.

4. You may or may not have to pay VAT, depending on where you are, and whether you buy your ticket as an individual or as a business.  More on VAT in a separate FAQ item.

5. Choose your method of payment: (a) bank transfer, (b) TransferWise, or (c) credit/debit card or Paypal.  In case you choose (a) or (b), we offer a 5% discount, but these methods of payment are only available until 25 November 2020.

6. For (a) and (b) you will receive a pro forma invoice immediately with information on our bank account details. You will receive your invoice once your payment arrives on our bank account. For (c) you will receive your invoice immediately.

7. You will receive Zoom access details by email a day or two before the event. You will also receive other emails before and after the event.


All prices in euros


All prices are listed in euros.   Obviously you can pay from your own bank account or your bank card no matter where you are based and what currency these are denominated in.   Prices are displayed in euros also on the invoices.

For the first time in the history BP Translation Conferences, we offer special discounts for certain countries, to make the event more accessible for a larger number of colleagues.  This means for example that a person from Argentina will pay significantly less than someone from the United States.

You will only see the prices available in your country.

We reserve the right to change the prices at any time without prior notice.




Workshops are not covered by the conference ticket, you’ll need to buy a separate ticket for these.

Use the ‘wsh’ discount code for a 30% discount off any workshop if you buy it together with your BP21 ticket or if you have bought it earlier.


Terms and conditions

In exchange of you purchasing a ticket, BP Translation Conferences gives you access to all constituent sessions, which will take place on the Zoom platform.  We are not responsible if any of the speakers fails to show up.

As an attendee you will also receive access to the session recordings (the exact details will be available later).

We reserve the right to cancel your attendance if you abuse the geographically defined pricing system.

Due to the brevity of time, no cancellations are accepted. If you cannot attend for any reason, you may transfer your ticket to someone else — in this case please send us an email, mentioning your order number and the beneficiary’s name, email address, and physical address.

No harassment is allowed in Zoom meetings, in private chats, or in the event app.

You can read the full version here.


All about VAT

In most cases you’ll need to pay VAT on top of the net prices shown below.  (27% Hungarian VAT — the company that organizes the event is registered in Hungary.)

You don’t need to pay VAT if

(i) you purchase as a company, you are based in an EU member state outside Hungary, and you have a valid European VAT number. (In this case you’ll need your VAT number WITHOUT the 2-letter country prefix);  or

(ii) if you purchase as a company, and you are based ouside the European Union. In this case it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re eligible for VAT-free purchase according to your country’s regulations.

In both cases you’ll need to click on the ‘Company billing’ checkbox AND enter your company’s name. In some countries solo entrepreneurs are eligible for VAT-free purchases from abroad, so in this case enter your name and entrepreneur status in the Company name field.

VAT is calculated automatically based on your settings on this Checkout page.

Known error

Currently (18 November) when you select the ‘Company billing’ box, and you are located outside the EU, and you select payment by bank card / PayPal, VAT is not added to the total amount on the website – but it is added once you’re on PayPal’s page.  We know about the issue, and currently working on fixing it.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Discount codes

We offer a number of discount codes that you can use.

 ‘wsh’: 30% off any workshop if you buy it together with your BP21 ticket or if you have bought it earlier.

‘vid1’: 40% off any video collection (BP Video Library, BP Workshop Week, Recordings of if you buy it together with a ticket to BP21.

‘vid2’: 50% off any two video collections if you buy them together with a ticket to BP21.

‘vid3’: 60% off all video collections if you buy all three together with a ticket to BP21.

Students / faculty members: You’re eligible for a 40% discount off your conference ticket. Upload your documents here, and you’ll receive the discount code by email.  The number of students / faculty members with this discount is limited to 10% of the total number of attendees.

Group discount: If you wish to purchase at least 4 tickets for the same company, contact us directly for an additional 20% discount, mentioning the items you’d like purchase, together with your invoicing details.


I'm based outside the EU and I purchase as a company


If you’re based outside the European Union and you purchase items as a company, you may be eligible to purchase without paying VAT.  It is your responsibility to make sure your company is eligible for this according to the laws and regulations of your own country.

Technically, we will sell services to your company, and in principle one way or another you’ll have to pay VAT — either the Hungarian VAT (where our company is based) or your own country’s VAT.   The wording ‘Reverse charge VAT’ will be displayed on your invoice.

Due a technical issue* we cannot process payments automatically if the customer pays as a company AND is based outside the European Union, so we came up with a work-around solution.

1.  Select the items in the web store below, apply any discount codes you may have, and enter your billing details on the Checkout page.  Prices depend on your country (in order to allow more colleagues from lower income countries to attend our virtual events).  Make a note of the total amount payable, but do not proceed to payment.

2. Please complete this form with your billing details, select the items you wish to purchase, select your preferred method of payment, then submit the form.

3. Within a few hours you will receive a manually issued pro forma invoice, together with all the necessary details for your payment.

4.  Once your payment arrives on our account, you will receive your invoice that you can use for accounting purposes.  In case you purchased access to online events, you will receive Zoom access details a few days before the event.  In case you purchased access to video recordings, you will receive a unique URL after confirming your payment.


For all other scenarios (i.e. if you purchase items as an individual and/or you’re based in the European Union) please use the web store for automated invoicing processes.


Complete the form


* Currently when you are based outside the European Union and you purchase as a company, the total amount is shown without VAT on this page, but when the data are forwarded to PayPal and/or our invoicing system, the VAT is added. We’re aware of this issue, but there’s no easy fix.