One night only…

We need to stay connected, even we are all isolated.  Come and join us at this unique networking event to meet fellow translators from around the world.  Meet BP regulars to share a laughter and meet new people to realize we all have a lot to talk about.

This virtual event is completely free, but you need to register below.

… on a new platform

The event will take place on Wonder, a new platform for virtual events.  Imagine entering a large room, full of people standing in small circles, with a glass of champaign in their hands and talking to each other. You suddenly notice an old friend across the room, and you decide to walk up to her… to join the circle where she is, or to catch up with her without others listening in. You can all do this on Wonder.


Some details

Please sign up below to get the link and the password to join the event.  When you first join Wonder, you need to have a profile name and a photo. You can upload a photo or you can take a selfie with your webcam. You’ll also need to answer a simple question from the host — the question will be ‘Where do you live?’

Once you enter the room, you’ll see what seems like a floor plan, with some pre-assigned ‘areas’. The host can freely name these areas — in our case these will be along the lines ‘Technical translators’, ‘Wine bar’, ‘Spanish corner’, etc.  You’ll also see a bunch of circles with people in them.  Feel free to join any circle by moving your own photo closer to it.  Or you can draw yourself closer to anybody who is alone and you two will then form a circle that others can join. Much like in a real-world setting in a large hall on a pre-conference networking event.



Each circle can hold up to 15 people. Once a circle reaches this number, outsiders cannot join.  It’s possible to close or open any circle with a switch.  Please only close a circle when there are only 2-3 of you and you really want to keep things private.

You’ll also see a list of all participants, a list of nearby participants, and the list of people in your current circle.  Whenever you’re looking for someone in the room, find their name in the participants’ list, and the person’s photo will be highlighted, so you can ‘walk’ up to them.  Of course there’s also a chat function.

Using the broadcast function 1 or up to 6 people can take the ‘stage’ and speak to everyone in the room. At these times all conversations in the circles are suspended for the duration of the broadcast.


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