BP23 Translation Conference :: Utrecht / Online :: 8-10 May 2023

BP23 will take place in Utrecht and online

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December 2022

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from about 9 January 2023

BP23 in Utrecht/Online

8-10 May 2023

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F. A. Q.

How does a hybrid event work?

A hybrid event means some attendees are present in person, while other attendees follow a live stream online.  Good hybrid events also offer online networking opportunities for remote attendees.

BP22 was our first hybrid event, and we plan to carry on with this format in the future.  At BP23 Translaiton Conference, we’ll implement some improvements over BP22, to make the remote experience even better and more engaging.

With a remote attendance ticket, you will:

  • have access to all session live
  • have access to all recordings
  • can participate in polls and other interactive features live
  • ask questions live from the speakers
  • have access to a list of all attendees
  • chat with other attendees during the sessions and throughout the event

In case you have to cancel your in-person attendance in the last minute, you can still attend the event remotely.

More detailed information will be available before tickets go on sale in January. 


In some cases you’ll need to pay a 21% Dutch VAT on top of the conference ticket, while in some cases you don’t. 

  • You’ll need to a pay a 21% VAT if you purchase your ticket as a private individual, no matter where you are based
  • You’ll need to pay a 21% VAT if you’re based in the Netherlands, whether you purchase your ticket as a company or as an individual. (As a company, you’ll be able to claim back the VAT amount in your tax return.)
  • You will not need to pay a 21% VAT if you purchase your ticket as a company registered in an EU member state other than the Netherlands. In this case you’ll need to provide your valid VAT number.
  • If you’re based outside the EU and you purchase your ticket as a company, you’re also eligible to VAT-free purchase. (This information will be clarified after a thorough check with the relevant Dutch VAT regulations.)

While the company organizing BP Translation Conferences is registered in Hungary, for VAT purposes we’ll need to charge the local VAT of the country where the physical event will take place.  All invoices will be issued with out Dutch VAT number. (To be obtained later in 2022.)

I don't know anybody -- can I still go?

BP Translation Conferences are very friendly affairs, but a bunch of like-minded individuals from around the world.  Even if you’re new to our events, you may know some people already from online platforms or social media.

We’ll have special networking games on site to make it easier to get in touch with other attendees and to make meaningful connections with them.

How much money do I need in total?

The conference ticket itself will cost around 300-350€ (+VAT), depending on how much in advance you register.   If you add two networking dinners (most people do), this will cost around 100€ more.  (These prices will be finalized before early January.)

You’ll need to pay for your flight or train tickets, and this, obviously, greatly varies according to where you live.  As a rule of thumb, the earlier you buy your ticket, the cheaper it is.

Accommodation:  A single room in the conference hotel will cost 129€ for single occupancy.  You can save a substantial amount if you can find a roommate to split the costs.  If you stay more than just a couple of days, renting a holiday apartment may be a cheaper and more comfortable option, especially if you can split the costs between 3-4 or more people.

You may want to set aside some money for fringe events such as walking tours, as well as museum entrance fees, meals, train tickets to Amsterdam and/or other nearby cities.

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