Daniel Gonzalez Ménez: The good the bad and the ugly of outsourcing

Daniel Gonzalez Menez_BP20_The good the bad and the ugly of outsourcing

As translators, there are times when work can be overwhelming for us and it can just go out of our hands. We still want to provide our clients with a first-class, error-free translation service. We all have good colleagues who are just as good as we are or even better and we are always willing to share a piece of the cake, because -let’s be honest- the sun shines for one and all. The excellent quality of a translator does not prevent unpleasant situations from arising. Your colleague can be the best translator even on the face of the world, but chances are that he/she is not as responsible as you, it can be a late delivery, a “no-no” to requested changes, or even denying or delaying payment. Come and listen to what you can do to avoid this and how I dealt with similar situations.

Daniel is a translator based in Cuernavaca, a city located in the proximity of Mexico City, he lives in paradise close to the crazy jungle.
Ever since he was young, he wanted to be a certified translator. After studying several languages throughout his life, he did his BA in International Relations and he formed himself as a translator by taking different courses online from various schools in Mexico and Spain.
Currently, Daniel is a sworn translator in Mexico running a specialized translation agency where he is concerned not only for the services and his clients, but also for his colleagues.

This session is scheduled for Friday, 24 April 2020.

The exact time and room will be announced by late March.