Anne-Sophie De Clercq: Do less, live more

Anne-Sophie de Clercq_BP20 Translation Conference_Do less live more

For many of us, entrepreneurship essentially means overwork. We believe that, as we are entirely responsible for our success, we should constantly be doing more to earn more and ultimately thrive. Yet studies and social experiments show that this attitude might be counterproductive and suggest that we manage our time more wisely and focus on doing what really matters in order to sustain our small businesses. This requires to develop an alternative mindset and to implement strategies apt to support it.
In this session, we will first deconstruct the hustle mindset to understand why switching to a “do less, live more” attitude can be beneficial to our operations. Then we will define and discuss a few simple and effective techniques to apply on a daily basis to start doing less… right after BP20!

A linguist at heart, Anne-Sophie specialises in copywriting for small businesses, and EN/ES > FR creative and literary translation. Passionate about life design and time management strategies, she offers workshops and talks to help entrepreneurs deal better with their crazy schedules and find their own recipe for success, always with a touch of humour.

The exact time and room will be announced by late March.