Sherif Abuzid: Productivity hacks for translators

BP19 Translation Conference - Sherif Abuzid - Productivity hacks for translators

In this short talk, I will disclose the things that helped produce around 50 videos, write about 15000 words of content and have 1500 true followers of my blog in 2018.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of productivity tips and advice online. But not all of them are appropriate for freelancers. We work in a very busy work and social environment, which make it very hard for many to achieve results.

I believe we do not have to follow every tip out there. Instead, we can create a system that suite the life of freelancers and translators in particular.

Sherif Abuzid has been working in language services since 2004 in different positions. He holds a master degree in International Business Administration, and studied sales and marketing at the American University in Cairo.  Sherif started TranslationPartner in 2009 where he offers language services for Middle Eastern and African languages. He writes weekly articles on blog His company website is 

BP19 Translation Conference - Sherif Abuzid

This short talk is scheduled for Friday, 3 May 2019.

The exact time will be announced by mid-April.