Iwona Piątkowska: Effective time management for translators

BP19 Translation Conference - Iwona Piątkowska - Effective time management for translators

If you want to take your time management on a whole new level, this session might definitely be of interest to you. The presentation will comprise methods for effective project planning, progress checking and making your breaks truly effective. Our main focus will be on fighting procrastination and boosting your productivity. As we go along, some helpful self-discipline habits will be presented. Once developed, they will make managing your translation business way easier. Some useful tools and apps will also be shown. You will leave the session equipped with simple, yet effective techniques that will help you achieve greater productivity on a daily basis.

A linguist, traveler and rentalpreneur. Iwona has been working as a freelance translator for 11+ years. She holds an MA degree in Applied Linguistics and is an experienced language specialist.

As an author of “Master Your Time” book she helps other freelance professionals, digital nomads and location-independent enterpreneurs across the globe to achieve more work-life balance in their careers.

BP19 Translation Conference - Iwona Piątkowska

This short talk is scheduled for Friday, 3 May 2019.

The exact time will be announced by mid-April.