Francesca Manicardi: Do you diversify your business?

BP19 Translation Conference - Francesca Manicardi - Do you diversify your business?

Being a freelancer means you live in uncertainty, often consumed by anxiety: will I be able to pay my bills? Why am I receiving no emails? Should I move on to a new job (as an employee)?
I have no magic wand but I learnt how to survive without staring at my computer screen while no one is asking for my services. We’ll do some guided exercises together to find out how you could differentiate you offer, based on your personal skills and flairs: there’s no plan B, C, D like another because we are all different, we want different things and have different goals in life.
I’ll show you how important and fundamental is to do not invest all our energies on one single client, one single type of service, one single specialization. Ready?

Francesca is an Italian interpreter, translator and copywriter, aggregate member of AITI, owner of Punto F. Her fields of expertise are marketing, tourism, food and wine, beauty and fashion. She wanted to share her knowledge and experience as a freelancer and business owner, so she became a mentor and founded the Freelance Lab: the first Italian mentoring program for wannabe freelance translators and interpreters. She is active on social media and on Freelance Lab’s blog (in Italian), where she shares bright and bad sides of daily freelance life. Find her at, or on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

BP19 Translation Conference - Francesca Manicardi

This short talk is scheduled for Friday, 3 May 2019.

The exact time will be announced by mid-April.