Peter Oehmen

BP18 Translation Conference speaker Peter Oehmen

Peter is the managing partner of Oehmen & Reitsma, a partnership company specialised in translations from Dutch into German and vice versa in the field of renewable energy, electromobility and sustainable building.

Born close to the Dutch border near Düsseldorf, his family moved north and he grew up at the Baltic Sea near Lübeck. After a brief excursus into tax and business consultancy Peter studied civil engineering and enivronmental technology eventually ending up as M.Sc. in Modern Asian History and International Relations. At the moment he is following a training as technical communicator.

Peter’s first professional translation was in 2000. Since then he has been working as freelance translator – until 2007 in part-time and since then in full-time. His clients include some smaller translation and marketing agencies, SMEs as well as educational institutions. He’s fascinated by sustainable technologies in the fields of energy, mobility and construction.

Legal aspects in (technical) translation – Why should I care?

BP18 Translation Conference Peter Oehmen - Legal aspects of technical translations

Almost every area of translation is more or less embedded in a legal framework. In most cases technical translation is related to technical documentation. Basically this area is governed by three different kinds of law as well as (inter)national standards. Other areas of translation have their own background of legal regulations.

It always comes in handy to know the rules of the game you play. In my presentation I will provide a broader overview of the translation process and shed some light on the different laws that apply to technical translations as well as on the role of standards. I will briefly touch upon the generally valid aspects of contract law, product liability law as well as health and safety regulations.

After getting those things straight I will share some thoughts and ideas on how technical translators can make use of this knowledge for their market positioning and how to transfer this into value-added services like e.g. compliance management.


This session is scheduled for Friday, 20 April 2018.