BP22 Translation Conference Lisbon 9-11 May 2022
BP22 Translation Conference  :::  9-11 May 2022 :: Lisbon


Let’s meet again in person!

With two online conferences behind us, by next spring it will be high time to meet in person again.  The majority of the usual and other potential attendees are already vaccinated, so hopefully we’ll be able to hold the conference as in the ‘good old days’. 


BP22: A hybrid event

Some people may prefer to join us from their homes.   For this reason BP22 will be held as a hybrid event.  Remote attendees will be able to follow the sessions and interact with the speakers in real time.  We’ll also do our best to involve them in networking as much as possible.


BP = Business & Practice

If you are new to BP Translation Conferences, you may wonder what BP stands for.  Well, Business & Practice… for Badass Polyglots. In short, our events boost your confidence as a freelance translator and equip you with practical skills to thrive on the market.


Lisbon: An ideal location

Portugal’s vibrant capital city is a great place to visit. Now Portugal is almost fully vaccinated, so there’s only a limited chance of any restrictions in May.

Lisbon can be reached with direct flights from well over a 100 cities.

BP22  Schedule

Saturday/Sunday, 7/8 May 2022 

With many attendees likely to arrive over the weekend, this is will be an ideal time to explore Lisbon. We may have guided walking tours, or you can form groups of your own using our conference app.

We may even form a group to explore some fado bars in the evening in the famous Alfama district.

More detailed tips will be available later.

Monday, 9 May 2022

Most probably we will have some workshops taking place at the conference hotel; 2 in the morning, 2  in the afternoon, 3 hours each.  

Workshops will be announced some time in December, and tickets will be available from January.


We may have an ATA exam, probably in the afternoon.  More information by late November.


Another idea is an afternoon of conference sessions/talks in Portuguese. Again, more information later.


Probably we will also have walking tours in the city.


In the evening we’ll have a welcome reception either in the hotel or in a café downtown. The idea is to get to know each other before the actual conference starts.  These pre-conference get-togethers have become vastly popular, with about 75% of conference attendees present. 


Tuesday, 10 May 2022


This will be the first day of the actual conference, with sessions running in 3 parallel tracks from 9:00 until about 17:00.

We’ll have two coffee breaks with generous times to allow for all those long-awaited personal encounters, as well as a lunch break.

We’ll close the day with a gala dinner (not part of the actual conference ticket).


Gala dinner

We’ll have our gala dinner at Casa do Alentejo, a beautiful building that once housed the city’s first casino.

It’s also easy to reach: it takes about 20 minutes by public transport (including a short walk), or a 10-15 minute ride by taxi.

We’ll start with a welcome drink in the courtyard, then we’ll have the dinner itself in the main room upstairs.

The gala dinner is included in the ‘Lisbon Premium’ ticket.

Please note the restaurant is not barrier-free.

Wednesday, 11 May 2022


The second day of the actual conference, starting a bit later (9:30), as it’s always more difficult to wake up after a gala dinner.

We’ll have two coffee breaks with generous times to allow for all those long-awaited personal encounters, as well as a lunch break.

After the lunch break we’ll convene in a single plenary session to listen to short talks.

We may close the official part of the event with a short farewell reception at the hotel, followed by a farewell dinner somewehere in town.  This will be finalized before tickets go on sale.

Thursday/Friday, 12/13 May 2022

On Thursday we’ll probably offer additional walking tours in Lisbon, or you can form groups of your own to visit specific districts. A half-day trip to Belém is a must.

This is also a great time to go on a day trip. The most obvious destination is Sintra, and quite likely we’ll have an organized trip to this beautiful small town.

Other possible day trip destinations include Tomar and Évora, to name but a few.  

In fact, you can easily combine BP22 with a week-long trip around Portugal, but to see it all, you’ll need at least 2-3 weeks.



Here are the first few approved speakers / sessions of the conference.

More will be added within the coming week (by 22 January). 

A more detailed description of each session, together with speaker bios, will be available from late January.


Physical attendance

 The event will take place at Hotel Ramada Wyndham in Lisbon, with about 300 attendees from 40 countries.

After two years of successive waves of the pandemic and a series of travel restictipons it is hard to predict the numbers, but as it looks now, we'll be able to hold the event in a physical format.  (You'll find some Covid-19-specific information further below.)

All physical attendees will be able to attend any sessions during the conference, and they'll have access to the conference app (more on this below).  The conference ticket will also cover catering at the conference itself (i.e. excluding dinners).

Remote attendance


To reflect the changing realities, BP22 will be a hybrid event, which means you'll be able to watch the sessions online in real time.

What's more, you'll be part of the conference crowd, with full access to the conference app, and you'll be able to interact with the speakers and the rest of the audience in real time.

You'll also have access to all recordings.

Event app

By popular demand, once again we'll be using Whova as our event app.  You'll be able set up your attendee profile, search other attendees by name, specialization, or other information, send messages to other attendees, or talk to them on forums, and so on.

All sessions will be listed, together with their speaker info, short description, starting times, and remote access details.  Also, you'll be able to watch the recordings right in the app.

Both physical and remote attendees will have access to the app, which will be available from February.


You'll be able to register to BP22 Translation Conference by purchasing your ticket right here on this website.  Remote attendance tickets are available already (at a super early bird rate), while physical attendance tickets will be available from January.

As a rule of thumb, the earlier you buy your ticket, the cheaper it will be.

For now, remote attendance tickets are taxed in Hungary (i.e. the Hungarian VAT rate of 27% applies). Physical attendance tickets will be taxed in Portugal (i.e. the Portuguese VAT rate of 23%) applies. 

From January, invoices will be issued using our Portuguese VAT number, which means you'll need to pay 23% VAT (i) if you buy your ticket as an individual, or (ii) if you buy your ticket a a company with a Portuguese VAT number.  You'll be able to pay net prices if (iii) your company is based in another EU member state and you have a valid VAT number, or (iv) your company is based outside the EU and you're eligible for VAT-free purchases.

1. Select your conference ticket

The first 22 'Remote Premium' tickets are up for grabs at a 22% discount, using the 'first22' discount code.

All prices are net. Prices are lower than displayed in some countries. Prices go up on 1 December 2021.  'Lisbon Basic' and 'Lisbon Premium' tickets will be available from January.

Remote Basic


All sessions live
  • Live access to all tracks on Zoom
  • 2-month access to unedited recordings of all sessions
  • 1-year access to BP Video Library: 40% off
  • Price with VAT: 34.29€ (the price is lower in some countries)



Networking sessions on Zoom and Whova

Interactive engagement: Q&A, polls, quizzes

Conference app: networking, attendee list, forums

Certificate of attendance

Remote Premium


All content + Networking
  • Live access to all tracks on Zoom
  • Networking sessions on Zoom and Whova, even before and after the main event
  • Interactive engagement: Q&A, polls, quizzes
  • Conference app: networking, attendee list, forums (from January)
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Sponsor deals
  • 1-year access to the recordings of all sessions
  • 1-year access to BP Video Library: 60% off
  • Price with VAT: 97.79€ (the price is lower in some countries)

Lisbon Basic


The conference itself
  • Physical attendance at any conference session
  • Coffee breaks + lunch on 10 and 11 May
  • Farewell cocktail on 11 May
  • Interactive engagement: Q&A, polls, quizzes
  • Conference app: networking, attendee list, forums (from January)
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Sponsor deals
  • 1-year access to the recordings of all sessions
  • 1-year access to BP Video Library: 60% off
  • Early bird price probably under 300€




Lisbon Premium


Conference + Dinners
  • Everything in 'Lisbon Basic'
  • Welcome reception on Monday, 9 May
  • Gala dinner on Tuesday, 10 May

  • Early bird price probably under 400€ (+VAT)




2. Add our video collections

BP Video Library is a collection of 170 conference sessions from previous BP conferences.  A smaller collection of 8 workshops in English and another one of 30 conference sessions in Spanish are added for free.

Get these collections at a 60% discount if you purchase a 'Remote Premium', a 'Lisbon Basic' or a 'Lisbon Premium' ticket, or at a 40% discount of you buy a 'Remote Basic' ticket.

The price is lower than displayed in some countries.

BP Video Library+




200+ sessions & workshops
  • 1-year access to 170 sessions in English from BP Translation Conferences (BP16 to BP21)
  • BP22 sessions will be included from June 2022
  • 6-month access to 30 sessions in Spanish
  • 3-month access to 8 workshops in English (3 hours each)
  • Actionable tips, inspiring talks
  • Access period starts from the day you open the link you receive after your purchase
  • Price with VAT: 57.78€
  • This is a discounted price (by 30%), valid until 14 November 2021
  • Price for 'Remote Premium' ticket holders: 26€ net (or less*)
  • Price for 'Remote Basic' ticket holders: 39€ net (or less*)
  • *Price is lower in some countries


Certificate of attendance

3. Finish your registration


Visible presence

We offer various channels for our sponsors to present their services to a dedicated bunch of professional translators. If all goes well, we expect over 300 physical attendees, and the same number of remote attendees, from a total of around 60 countries.

Depending on your sponsorship level, you'll be able to get your message across on various platforms, including this website, the event app, exhibition stands at the venue, sponsodered sessions, sponsored fringe events, networking sessions for remote attendees, images and/or videos displayed during break at the venue and/or on Zoom, bag inserts, and so on.

We'll be glad to send you more information by email. (info at BPconf.com)

BP22 vs Covid-19


As of October 2021, Portugal has among the highest vaccination rates in the world, with 98% of the adult population vaccinated. Events are allowed to take place, and hopefully this remains the case also in May.

Please note that information in this section may, and probably will, change by May 2022. We will update this section regularly.

Entry into Portugal

Currently (October), people from the following countries are allowed to enter Portugal with relatively low hassle: Countries of the European Union, Schengen Associated countries (Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland), Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, South Korea, United States of America, Jordan, Kuwait, New Zealand, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay and special admnistrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao. 

If you come from one of these countries, you need to prove you're vaccinated, recovered, or recently tested.  You also need to complete a Passenger Locator Card before entering the country.

Information regarding other countries will be published soon.

Apparently you can enter on land borders without any restrictions.

You can find more information on this website.

Social conduct

Currently masks are compulsory at events, but proof of vaccination/recovery/recent testing is not required.  We'll find out if it's possible to forgo the obligation to wear masks if we do require proof of vaccination/recovery/recent testing to enter the event premises.

Better still, hopefully the pandemic will subdue by May, and the obligation to wear masks will be lifted.

Also, masks are currently compulsory on public transport and in shops/museums.

Cancellation policy

If you cannot attend the event physically because you contract Covid-19, or if your country is reclassified as unsafe ('red'), and you inform us about this up to 4 days before the event starts, you'll receive a refund amounting to the difference between the physical attendance and remote attendance tickets at the time of you purchase.

The conference hotel gives you a full refund on your room booking if you must cancel your attendance due to the reasons mentioned above and you notify them up to 3 days before the event starts.

For the refund of your transportation ticket, please check the conditions of your airline or other transport company. (Some airlines offer COVID-related insurance for such eventualities.)

Read the full text of our cancellation policy here.

Some cool metrics from our 8 conferences (BP14 to BP21)







BP = Befriending People

For most people the highlight of BP events is the easy-going, yet supercharged atmosphere that makes it easy to make lasting connections with your colleagues from other countries.

Year after year, a colourful crowd of professional translators come together from around the world at BP Translation Conferences. 

At a typical conference around 40 countries are represented. Over the years we've had translators from over 60 countries from around the world.

At a typical conference around 40 countries are represented. Over the years we've had translators from almost 60 countries from around the world.

Many translators return every year, no matter where the next BP Translation Conference takes place.

Start improving your freelancing business today with

BP Video Library

and our other valuable collections

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