Buying video collections

1. Select the products you wish to purchase (hover over the image then press the + button), then add them to the cart.

2. Apply any discount coupon you may have, then proceed to the Checkout page.

3. Enter your billing details, selecting ‘Company billing’ if applicable.

4. You may or may not have to pay VAT, depending on where you are, and whether you buy your ticket as an individual or as a business.  More on VAT in a separate FAQ item.

5. Choose your method of payment: (a) bank transfer, (b) Wise, (c) Stripe (for card payments).

6. For (a) and (b) you will receive a pro forma invoice immediately with information on our bank account details. You will receive your invoice once your payment arrives on our bank account. For (c) you will receive your invoice immediately.

7. You will receive Vimeo access details in a separate email once your payment arrives.

8. Open the unique URL that you receive in the email, this takes you to our Vimeo channel (one for each video collection). Create your login credentials (email + password) to Vimeo, then start watching the videos.

9.  From the second time on, simply log in to Vimeo again to keep watching the videos.  If you’re logged in to Vimeo, you can also watch the videos on our website (, using the Search bar.

10.  The period for which you have access to videos starts at the time of  opening the unique link. (BP Video Library = 1 year;  BP Workshops = 3 months; Spanish videos = 6 months.)


All about VAT

From a taxation point of view, currently all sales take place from Hungary, so the 27% Hungarian VAT rate applies.

After 1 January 2024, we’ll use our Spanish VAT number, so the 21% Spanish VAT will apply.  

VAT is applied if (a) you purchase as a private individual based anywhere*, or (f) you purchase as a company based in the place of delivery (Hungary in 2023, Spain in 2024)

No VAT is applied if (g) you purchase as an individual or a company outside the EU, or (h) you purchase as a company based in a EU member state apart from Hungary (2023) / Spain (2024), and you can provide a valid VAT number that’s recognized by EU’s VIES database.

If you purchase as a company outside the EU, it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re eligible for a VAT-free purchase.  Technically speaking, your eligibility will not and cannot be checked on our side, but please make sure you enter a billing name that sounds like a company or at least add the necessary abbreviations after your name to denote you’re an enterpreneur and thus eligible for VAT-free purchase.

If you’re eligible for VAT-free payment, the VAT amount will be deducted in the next step, on the Checkout page, after you enter your billing details.

IMPORTANT:  Check the amount calculated BEFORE placing the order. If you’re eligible to VAT-free payment, make sure you select company billing.  If you pay with your card, your payment is final, and it’s not easy to reverse the transaction if you later realize you were eligible to VAT-free payment but you forgot to tick company billing.

If you selected bank transfer or Wise, and you haven’t actually paid yet, simply ignore the existing order and place a new one with the correct details.


On the Cart page you’ll see the total amount includes VAT in all cases.  If you’re eligible for a VAT-free purchase, the net amount will be displayed on the subsequent Checkout page.


If you purchase as a company inside the European Union, enter your VAT number together with the country prefix, without spaces (e.g. DE12345678).  This will be checked against EU’s VIES database, which, in turns, checks national tax number databases.

If your VAT number is returned is invalid, please check if you entered it correctly.

All prices in euros


All prices are listed in euros.   Obviously you can pay from your own bank account or your bank card no matter where you are based and what currency these are denominated in.   Prices are displayed in euros also on the invoices.

We offer special discounts for certain countries, to make our video recordings more accessible for a larger number of colleagues.  This means for example that a person from Argentina will pay less than someone from the United States.

You will only see the prices available in your country.

We reserve the right to change the prices at any time without advance notice.



Issues / Manual invoicing

Magyarországi cégként vásárolsz? / Buying as a company registered in Hungary?

Magyarországon bejegyzett cégek esetében sajnos nem jelenik meg az EU-s áfaszám mező.  Mivel a konferencia Hollandiában lesz megtartva, és holland áfát kell felszámítani, Hollandián kívül más EU-s tagállamok cégei áfa-mentesen vásárolhatnak, de ezt a forgatókönyvet nem sikerült automatizálni.

Légy szíves küldj egy emailt (info kukac bpconf pont com) a vásárolni kívánt tételek megnevezésével és a számlázási adataiddal, és manuálisan kiállítom a díjbekérőt.

Köszi a megértést



Due to a technical fault, the EU VAT number field is not displayed for companies registered in Hungary.  Since the conference will take place in the Netherlands, and I’m supposed to charge Dutch VAT, companies registered in EU member states outside the Netherlands are eligible for VAT-free purchase, but unfortunately I did not manage to automate this scenario.  

Please send me an email (info at bpconf dot  com) with the items you wish to purchase, together with your invoicing details, and I’ll manually issue you a pro forma invoice for you.

Thank you for your understanding


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