BP19 reviews

Meg Dziatkewicz:  Grazie Bologna!

“As a Silver Sponsor, we were given a really lovely stand situated in a strategic place at the conference hotel. I said it before and I’ll say it again – the atmosphere at the conference is really positive, energetic and super friendly. This keeps me going back! We must have spoken to at least over a 100 translators over the 2 days. (…)  We’re now supercharged with positive energy and equipped with even more ideas to implement over the next months. But see for yourself!”

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Alessandra Vita:  “It has been my first BP and surely not my last one”

In her blog post, Alessandra gave a detailed list of all the sessions she attended,  writing about the key takeaways.

“I found the Excel session by Javier Ortiz, a fellow interpreter, extremely interesting (here you can read the full thread on Twitter). I am an Excel-geek myself and love checking the cost-effectiveness behind each project, but Javier and his partner, Adam, use it at a whole other level!”

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Fabio Said:  What translators talk about at a translation conference

“BP19 was a well-organised translation conference with a diverse programme. (…) In the break we were able tomake new friends, build on old friendships and even find business partners. The biggest benefit of the conference for me was gaining new energy and motivation to optimize my own translation business in a way that I can continue meeting my clients’ needs in the future while also still having fund being a translator.”

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Carolina Casado Parras:  The conference for badass polyglots

“I started the morning with Tess Whitty’s magical tips to find dream clients. I’ve read and listened to her many times, but I must admit she’s worth seeing live! Her presentation was not only funny, but also loaded with useful ideas to get down to work and find exactly who your prospects can be. For many of us, the problem is to identify the potential clients we’d love to work with, and Tess knows it. She suggested starting with our current client portfolio, see who we’re happy working with and find similar ones.”

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Maria Guzenko:  My first European conference

“After weighing different options for a while, I decided for the BP19 (Business and Practice) conference, which took place in the city of Bologna in Italy this year. (…) This conference is geared toward freelance translators and focuses on business and professional aspects of translation. (…)  Being among fellow translators allowed me to concentrate on talking to people and learning without the pressure to pitch my services.”

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Herman Boel:  Europe as Europe should be

It was a real pleasure to be able to talk to translators who I regard as the crème de la crème of our profession, the translators who really want to make something out of their businesses, and actually want to do something for it to happen. Some are new to the profession, but are healthy and ambitious and fully aware of the fact that quality must be the common denominator in their offer, while others are well experienced and who are not afraid to share their knowledge and experience (…).

It is important that we come together as colleagues and in addition to talking about the serious aspects of the profession, we also have a lot of fun.

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Sonja Prijić (Integra.hr): “There were wonderful surprises!”

The conference is tailored to the needs of freelance translators and small translation agencies.(…) Lectures and workshops cover the topics of marketing, project management, translation enhancement, customer relations, and many other things that make up the everyday life of translators. What makes this conference a special one is that it is organized by people who are translators themselves.

In addition to the information we received, we emjoyed our time walking around the porticoes and squares of Bologna, trying out the delightful Italian delicacies. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?”

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Petra Hucke: Motivation shots and marketing boosts

“Alessandra Vita (talked about) an interesting offer strategy for customers who can not decide between fast and cheap, where cheap is relative. (…) Sarah Silva then presented her marketing strategy that she uses to win her dream cients. And I have to say: That would make her a dream translator too, the way she spoils her customers.

Between the talks there was plenty of time for networking, and I talked to colleagues from Corsica, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, the US, and even from Munich. Speaking LOUD, because when such a bunch of translators speak in twenty languages …”

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