Nigel Wheatley

BP18 Translation Conference speaker Nigel Wheatley

Nigel Wheatley originally trained as a chemist and has researched and taught at several European universities. He was also a schoolteacher in France and literary agent in Spain before returning to his native United Kingdom and starting Vis Verborum, specialising in the translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts from French, Spanish and Catalan into English: he now splits his time between the UK and Prague. He is interested in questions of quality assessment and quality assurance in translation, and the tools available to individual translators to improve their work and their services.

Translation with style

BP18 Translation Conference Nigel Wheatley Translation with style

Translators are presumed to be experts in the grammar of their target language and the terminology of the field they are dealing with. But what about those cases where they have to make a judgement call, where the rules of the target language are either imprecise or seem inappropriate for a given scenario? Every translator will find themselves in these situations, and some cases may come up repeatedly. This presentation will look at why a translator should keep a record of these judgement calls in their own personal style guide, what they should include in that style guide, and how they can use it as a tool in their marketing.


This session is scheduled for Friday, 20 April 2018.