Marek Pawelec

BP18 Translation Conference speaker Marek Pawelec

Marek Pawelec is a life sciences researcher turned translator – he translates medicine, chemistry and science fiction. After spending several years as a researcher at university faculties of medicine and chemistry, in 2001 he turned full-time freelance translator. Marek translated millions of words of words of medical texts and his favorite subject is IVD and 34 novels and counting. He’s technically minded and lazy, so he’s always looking for ways to simplify and speed up work with various tools and processes. He knows his way around regular expressions and complex file formats. Certified memoQ trainer, offers help with file filters.

Know your tools

BP18 Translation Conference Marek Pawelec know your tools

Every craftsman knows his/her tools. Which one is used for which task, how to use them and how to distinguish seemingly similar tools perfected for different purposes. You know, you can use steel drill bit for drilling wood, but you’ll get better results using bit designed for wood. Good craftsman also takes good care of his/her tools because he or she knows that his/her income and safety depends on them. This is true for carpenters but also for translators.

We need to know which tool is best for any given job, how to fine-tune it and how to use it in the most efficient way. In this presentation/discussion we will talk about what tools do we use for the different tasks (e.g. PDF conversion, source file clean-up, translation, QA), how do we choose them and how can we fine-tune them to work best. Because it’s not about which tool is the best. It’s about which tool is the best for you for the job at hand. Expect practical tips for different workflows and software tools configurations.


This session is scheduled for Friday, 20 April.