Jo Rourke

BP18 Translation Conference speaker Jo Rourke

Jo Rourke talks a LOT. She talks so much that she’s going to talk on both days of BP18. Luckily for you she’s okay at it – it’s kind of her job. She’s been a translator and copywriter for, ahem, a while (15 years) and she works from Spanish, Portuguese and French into English. For copywriting she sticks to English. It’s safer (more opportunity for puns.) She specialises in talking, translating, talking, copywriting and talking. You’ll understand when you see her. If you want to try and get a word in you can…

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Why we’re getting value all wrong

BP18 Translation Conference Jo Rourke Why we're getting value all wrong

Maybe it was the multi-million pound deal they brokered because you interpreted at the meeting. Or the time they saved because you handled their brochure translation. It might have been the litigation they avoided because of your knowledge of their country’s legal system.

Talking to clients in the language of their business means you become so much more than just good value for money. You become invaluable. How do you figure out your value? Well, you start by asking questions, which can be scary. But if you’re asking the right questions, your client won’t mind…in fact, they’ll welcome it.

Let’s talk about your true value…and maybe, just maybe, it might help you value yourself.


This talk is scheduled for Thursday, 19 April 2018.


Writing your About page

BP18 Translation Conference Jo Rourke Writing your About page

We’re not programmed to confidently state why someone should “pick” us, which is why writing the About page of your website is so difficult. That’s why flipping the meaning of the page, and making it about your ideal clients (and not you and your cat), can make things easier. This workshop will take you through 5 steps to crafting an About page that makes potential clients nod manically at their computer screen and make a beeline for your contact page. The 5 things we’ll look at are:

1. Identify the problem
2. The “Don’t Worry” stage
3. Introduce yourself
4. Add some credibility
5. Call to action

At the end of the session, you’ll be rid of your writer’s block and ready to write!


This session is scheduled for Friday, 20 April 2018.