Claudia Befu

BP18 Translation Conference speaker Claudia Befu

Claudia Befu is a localization expert with 10+ years in the digital world. After spending a whole decade as an in-house translator, editor, localization manager and even leading an awesome localization team, she now focuses on Content as a Service and multi-channel publishing. Mentoring, educating and consulting are part of her daily life and passion.

Marketing localization: translation, transcreation or copywriting?

BP18 Translation Conference Claudia Befu Marketing localization: translation, transcreation or copywriting

The 21st century witnessed the rise of the digital business. And while marketing used to be ridiculed and vilified by popular 80’s writers, such as Douglas Adams, in today’s online global market everyone agrees that 50% of a business’ success is a good product, and the other 50% a good marketing strategy.

Marketing localization is a crucial service for any business that wants to reach a global audience. But how can a professional working in the language services industry come up with the right localization strategy for each and every client?

The first step is a good definition of marketing localization as a service. Is all marketing localization transcreation? What exactly is transcreation and how does it differ from translation or copywriting? If you localize content are you still a translator or are you a localizer? And why do we need localization after all?

If you ever had to answer one or several of the above questions and you didn’t know where to start, join this session. We will have a look at different localization techniques and current marketing content trends.


This talk is scheduled for Thursday, 19 April 2018.