F. A. Q.

BP18: Frequently asked questions


Who can attend BP18?

Anyone can attend BP18; there’s no eligibility criteria as such.   Most of the attendees are usually freelance translators with 5-20 years of experience, and we also have a fair share of freelance interpreters.  There’s also increasing number of representatives of LSP’s, translation agencies, CAT tool makers, national translators’ associations, etc.

About 90% of the attendees come from various European countries, with an increasing number of people flying in from other continents.

I’m new to BP conferences, how will I find people to talk to?

BP translation conferences have a reputation of facilitating meeting new people. In fact, several attendees claimed that they made more professional contacts and made more friends than at several previous conferences combined.

We’ll have a unique, proprietary networking game that forces people to get out of their comfort zones and talk to new people they would not normally contact at a crowded conference.

Join us at BP18, this is an excellent opportunity to meet new people from around the world… and actually stay friends with them.

Can you issue an invitation letter for a Schengen visa?

First things first: read about the Austrian visa application process. Some additional info here.

Here you will find that when attending a conference, you’ll need four items to submit as part of your visa application, and only one of them is the invitation letter.

If you need an invitation letter, please follow this procedure:

  1. Register for the conference (i.e. you need to pay for the conference ticket)
  2. Complete this form for the invitation letter and send us a message about this.
  3. Apply for the visa at the local Austrian embassy.

Please apply for the visa in time (1 to 3 months before the conference).   Visas are granted by the embassies and consulates of Austria, and we do not assume responsibility for their decisions.   In case your visa is rejected, you’ll get a full refund of the amount you paid for registering for BP18 (minus a small handling fee).

(last updated: 13 January 2018)


What makes BP18 unique?

You may have heard some great reviews about past BP conferences. But why is all the hype?

First, BP18 has a unique conference format.   On the first day we have a series of short, TED-like talks, each followed by a short Q&A session. We use a mobile app that members of the audience can use to ask questions during the talk – then our witty master of ceremonies poses the most popular questions to the presenters.    Day two follows a more traditional pattern of longer sessions in three parallel tracks – allowing for a wide variety of professional content to be presented during the two days of the conference.   Our long coffee and lunch breaks also contribute to more meaningful conversations.

Second, BP conferences are known for their unique, easy-going atmosphere that actively encourages and facilitates new encounters, many of which turn out to be fruitful professional cooperations or even long-term friendships.   We also lay heavy emphasis on fringe events – more specifically on our three networking dinners where conference attendees can go beyond the small talk.

Third, each annual event take places in a lively historical setting. Vienna has so much to offer, with its grand palaces, world-class musuems, classy cafés, concert halls, flea markets… the list is endless.

Repeated attendees of BP conferences are the best advocates, persuading more and more colleagues each year to attend.


I need help with the shopping/invoicing process

Registering for BP18 is basically purchasing your ticket online by selecting your items below.

Select the desired items

Select the items you wish to purchase, then press the ‘Add to cart’ button under the item.   You may add several items to your shopping cart.

BP18 process 1

When you’re happy with your selection, click on ‘View cart’ next to any of the selected items.

BP18 process 2

Your shopping cart

The next screen is your shopping cart.  At this point you may still go back to add more items or delete any selected items.

You can also apply any discount codes at this stage.  You’ll find a list of frequently used codes at the top of this page.  If you use more than one code, separate them with a comma.

BP18 process 3

Checkout page

The next page is the checkout page.  At the top you still have the option to return to the previous step or add your discount code here.

BP18 process 4

(You’ll find a link to the Privacy Policy here. Sorry, this link is currently broken and it’s not easy to fix. You can access the Privacy Policy from the footer menu.)

Below this you can indicate whether you purchase your ticket as an individual or a business. The default value is ‘individual’.  Select ‘business’ if you want to deduct the invoice amount as a business expense and later apply for a VAT refund from the Austrian tax authority.

In this case a new field appears where you can enter your company name, and you can also specify your  VAT number.  If your business is established in the European Union, please indicate your VAT number without spaces (e.g. DE123456789).   If your business is established outside the European Union you don’t need to provide your tax ID – but be aware that you’re eligible for a tax refund only if you can prove that you’re a ‘taxable person’, i.e.  your company is registered in your home country.

BP18 process 5

At the bottom of this page you can select the method of payment.  Please note that after 7 April the only available methid pf payment is bank card / PayPal, and this carries a 3.9% surcharge.  Don’t forget to check the Terms & Agreements box before proceeding to the payment screen.

BP18 process 6


If you selected Bank card / PayPal, you’ll be directed to PayPal. Please note that we use PayPal as a credit card processing intermediary.  You’ll be offered to sign up for PayPal, but this is not necessary.  Simply provide your card details as you would any web-based store.


BP18 process 7


Your invoice

Check your inbox for two automatically generated emails. One is your ‘order receipt’ that lists all the details of your order, including the items purchased and the bank account numbers for wire transfer.  The other email includes a link to your pro forma invoice.

Normally you receive a pro forma invoice only when selecting bank transfer or Transferwise, but now, until 19 April, you receive a pro forma invoice also for credit card payments.  The reason is that it takes a few more days before we receive our Austrian VAT ID.  Once this is obtained, you’ll receive a deposit invoice.

For now, press the orange button at the end of your email.

BP18 processs 8

You can open (and then download) the pdf version of your invoice by clicking on the View button.

BP18 process 9

For each purchase the invoicing system generates three different kinds of documents.

Pro forma invoice: sent automatically as soon as you place your order.  No need to file this to your accountant.

Deposit invoice: this one is sent once the funds appear on our bank account. (For credit card and PayPal payments this will be sent immediately – but only after we receive the Austrian VAT ID, probably before 19 January.).  You can use this for your tax returns.

Final invoice: you’ll receive this after the conference, with the payable amount being zero.

(Hungarian accounting regulations stipulate these three different documents.)

(Disclaimer: the account number prefix shows ‘BP17’. Don’t worry about this, this is just a formality. I set this up last year, and apparently it’s not possible to change this default value in the invoicing system.  Sorry.)

Your attendee profile

As part of the registration process you’ll be able to set up an attendee profile with a photo, a short bio, and some links.  You can also provide your details that you would like to see on your conference badge, and you can also indicated any special diet you may need.

Please see the automated email with the downloadable invoice – this email includes a link to the page where you can set up your profile.  If you attended BP17, you already have one, but you may want to update it.

What next

Your purchase is registered in our database. When in Vienna you simply show up and tell us who you are.

If you register for the welcome dinner on the 18th, you’ll receive your badge at the dinner venue.

In other cases you’ll receive your badge in the cinema Thursday morning (19th).   (If you purchase a Friday-only ticket, you’ll get your badge in the hotel Friday morning (20th)).

Until then, happy translations…

Vienna calling




How do I change the method of payment after placing the order?

It may happen that you realize that the method of payment you selected when placing your order is not convenient for you.   Some people reported this when they first selected bank transfer, but then they realized they’d prefer by a card instead.

If you first selected bank transfer or Transferwise, you can simply ignore the existing order, and place a new one, this time selecting ctedit card / PayPal.

Since your payment comes through immediately when paying with a card, we will see that on our admin page, and we’ll simply delete the unpaid order.

Why do I have to pay VAT?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is one the greatest mysteries of modern times.  Even though there’s an EU directive on VAT, each member state has its own set of rules applicable to various situations, with some variations from general principles.

One such variation applicable to events taking place in Austria is that a 20% VAT is payable by all attendees of such events, whether or not they are taxable persons or not.  In practical terms this means that you’ll have to pay the VAT even if you have a valid VAT ID in another member state.   The reverse charge mechanism for VAT payment is not applicable to services such cultural, entertainment, etc. event that can be attended with an admission ticket.   See here (page 19, paragraph 9.1).

The good news is that you’re eligible for a VAT refund if you are a taxable person.  Read section 7.3 on pages 15-16 here.   Also read the official info here.   You can apply for a refund through your home country’s tax authority if you’re based in the EU, or by filling in form U5 (in German) and sending it here by email or fax or snail mail, if you’re based outside the EU but you can prove your status as a taxable person.

Unfortunately you’re not eligible for a VAT return if you purchase your ticket as a private individual – try to make an arrangement with a colleague who is eligible, and buy your tickets together.

How can I get the VAT amount refunded?

You can get the VAT amount refunded if you are eligible — basically if you operate as a business rather than an individual.

First of all, make sure you select “business” on the page where you’ll need to fill in your invoicing details. If your business is based in the European Union, you’ll need to provide a valid VAT ID (for example DE12345678).  The validity is checked against the EU’s VIES database.  If you select business and your VAT ID is valid, your VAT ID will be shown on your invoice that you’ll receive in an automated email from our invoicing system.

In taxation terms you’re eligible for a VAT refund if you are a ‘taxable person‘.  Read section 7.3 on pages 15-16 here.   Also read the official info here.   You can apply for a refund through your home country’s tax authority if you’re based in the EU, or by filling in form U5 (in German) by 30 September the following year.  If you’re based outside the EU but you can prove that you operate as a taxable person in your home country, send the above-mentioned U5 form by email or fax or snail mail.

The good news is you can also recover VAT paid in Austria on accommodation and restaurant meals that are related to business events.   Make sure you ask for invoices stating your business name and VAT ID.  See page 320 in this pdf (Deloitte’s guide on VAT refund in individual EU member states).

The minimum amount of VAT to be refunded must be 50€.

Unfortunately you’re not eligible for a VAT return if you purchase your ticket as a private individual – try to make an arrangement with a colleague who is eligible, and buy your tickets together.

Cancellation policy (+ Terms and Conditions)

Tickets and other items purchased are eligible for a refund. The amount of refund is calculated on the basis of the amount actually paid for the services. A 100% refund (minus 35€ processing fee) is paid if the registration is cancelled before midnight on Monday, 1 April, 2019. A 50% refund (minus 35€ processing fee) is paid if the registration is cancelled before midnight on Monday, 25 March, 2019. No refund is paid after this date.

If you have to cancel your attendance due to an ungranted visa you’ll get a full refund (minus 35€ processing fee) if you cancel your registration before midnight on Friday, 19 April, 2019.  No refund is paid after this date.

No refund is paid on any of the video packages.

Allow up to 7 days to process refunds.

Transferring tickets is allowed with the following conditions:   You may transfer your ticket to BP19 and any of the related events, by informing us about the change and paying a 35€ administration fee.  The two parties involved in the transfer make arrangements about the payment. No new invoice will be issued.

You may also want to read the full text of the Terms and Conditions.

Is there a volume discount?

Yes. If two or more people purchase tickets on a single invoice, each person gets a 40€ discount from their conference ticket.  Please use the code ‘group40‘.  This discount is valid for any two-day tickets, i.e. both for freelancers and LSPs, with or without dinners.  The only restriction is that the code is valid only if you add at least one dinner per person, i.e. if your minimum spend is 710€.

The ‘friday20‘ discount code gives you 20€ off the Friday-only ticket for freelancers, taking you back to the Early Bird rate, if at least two people buy this item on the same invoice (208€ > 188€) (net prices).

For groups of 5 or more people contact us directly.  (‘Group’ = a single invoice is issued).

40% discount for students and faculty members

Students and faculty members of translation, interpreting, terminology, or related subjects are eligible to a 40% discount off certain types conference tickets.  Eligible types of tickets include ‘BP19 Conference: 2-day ticket’ and ‘BP19 Conference:  Thursday only’, as well as up to one workshop (if  bought together with a conference ticket).  The discount does not apply to dinners.

The offer is valid for students who are (i) enrolled in the current academic year (2018/19) or were enrolled in the previous academic year (2017/18), and are (ii) below 30, i.e who were born after 1 May 1989.

Send a scanned copy of a certificate of enrollment and your ID card that shows your name and birth date to info@bpconf.com, and you’ll receive your discount code in return.  Allow up to 24 hours.

Faculty members need to send a scanned proof of their status to the same email address.

The number of attendees with student/faculty discount is limited to 20.



What are the current prices?

The current price for a 2-day ticket costs 298€ for freelancers.  Even you have your own company or brandname, but operate as a freelancer, you can buy the ticket at this price.

If at least two people buy their tickets together (on the same invoice), each person gets a 30€ discount: use the coupon code ‘group30’ to get this discount.

The 2-day ticket LSPs and similar companies costs 408€. In exchange they will get a distinctive appearance at the conference with a lanyard of a different colour, so they will stand out from the crowd. The idea is that freelancers and LSPs can make more meaningful contacts with each other.   Choosing this type of ticket is optional.

Look at the web store below to find out in detail about prices.

Current prices are valid only until 28 February!


How long are current prices valid for?

Current prices are valid until 28 February (midnight CET).

Read about the prices valid from 1 March in a separate F.A.Q. item on this page.

Check out another question above about volume discounts.


How about networking dinners?

We’ll have three (3!) networking dinners, as usual.  These are not covered by the conference ticket, but are highly popular among conference attendees.

On Wednesday, 18 April we’ll have a welcome dinner, or, rather, a reception, taking place at Café Prückel, a short walk from the conference venues.  Most people will get their badges here, and we’ll also start our networking game here.

On Thursday, 19 April we’ll have our main conference dinner at Rathauskeller (City Hall cellar), a few tram stops from the conference venue.

On Friday, 20 April we’ll have our farewell dinner at ‘The Room‘, a hip venue near Hundertwasserhaus.


Tickets to these dinners will be available as soon as registration to the actual conference starts.

Vegetarian options are provided by default, and on the registration form you can also specify any special diets (vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free).

Will there be a day trip out of Vienna?

Yes, we’ll have a day trip on Saturday (21 April) to the Wachau region, one  of the most beautiful stretches of the Danube, just an hour west from Vienna.  The trip starts with a visit to the Melk Abbey, and continues with a boat ride downstream to the medieval castle of Dürnstein.    More details here.

Quite a few people are interested in a day trip to Salzburg.  This one is not set up yet, but we’re working on it.  Bear in mind that it takes about 2:20 hours by train to reach the birthplace of Mozart, so it will be a long day trip – but totally doable.  Stay tuned.

Some people showed interest in a train journey on the world’s first mountain railway, the Semmeringbahn, which is an easy day trip from Vienna.   Since this involves just sitting on the train and watching the scenery, there will be no organised tours.  We’ll provide all the necessary info on how to get your tickets well in advance.

(last updated: 13 January, 2018)
Will there be any walking tours in Vienna?

Most probably yes, although we’re still sourcing the tour operator company.

Most probably there will be a sightseeing tour in the morning and another one in the afternoon of Wednesday, 18 April.  We may also have one or two walking tours on Saturday, 21 April.

(last updated:  9 November 2017)
I’m interested in the ATA exam


The exam will take place on Wednesday, 18 April, between 13:30 and 16:30. Candidates must arrive by 13:00 to allow time for checking IDs and distributing exam papers.

It will be a computerized exam, so bring your own laptop.  Sufficient number of power outlets will be available.


The exam will take place in room C204+ at WIFI Wien. The address is Währinger Gürtel 97, Wien 1080.

The easiest way to reach the venue is by subway U6, getting off at Währingerstrasse / Volksoper.

There are also trams (40, 41, 42) from Schottentor (which is a subway stop at the northern edge of the historical centre).

BP18 Translation Conference ATA exam venue

Once you’re at the building, this is the way to the exam room.  ‘C’ is the third building from the subway stop, and room 204 is on the second floor.

BP18 Translation Conference ATA exam location WIFI Wien

Eligibility / registration

IMPORTANT:  Read about the exam over at ATA’s website.  Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria in advance and you apply for the exam directly with ATA in time.

You cannot turn up at the exam venue without registering for the exam with ATA in advance.


Where can I stay in Vienna?

Hotel Mariott offers rooms at a discounted rate for BP18 attendees, but even these are around 200€ per night.

There are much cheaper hotels and apartments available, especially around the Westbahnhof / Mariahilf area that are conveniently connected by a direct metro line to BP18 venues.

Read more about hotel options here (within the BP18 website).


How do I travel to Vienna?

Vienna is right in the heart of Europe, with direct flights from all corners of the continent, as well as several cities overseas.

Good news is that BP18 has an official airline, Austrian, offering a 15% discount to BP18 attendees – more details here.

If you arrive from Austria or a neighbouring region, you’ll probably use ground transport – more details here.


Using public transport in Vienna

Vienna has a highly developed and efficient public transportation network, with convenient ticket options.

We’ll provide details information about this well in advance, about 2 months before the conference.