BP20 Translation Conference in Nuremberg :: Call for Papers

BP20 Translation Conference sign up

BP20 Translation Conference will take place in Nuremberg, Germany, on 23-25 April 2020. ‘BP’ stands for Business & Practice, the two overarching themes of our annual events.  Our first conference took place in Budapest in 2014, the organizer’s home town, and we move around to another country every year. In fact, BP20 will be the seventh conference already. Over the years, BP Translation Conferences have become probably the most popular CPD events in Europe among freelance translators.

In the last two years attendance was around 275-280, consisting mostly of freelance translators, but a steadily increasing number of LSPs also attend the conference.  The crowd is very international, reaching over 40 countries in the past years. If all goes well, we’ll cross the 300 mark in Nuremberg.

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International crowd

The last couple of years over 40 countries were represented at BP18 and BP19, and the total number countries represented at all 6 BP Translation Conferences is almost 60.  We’re a truly international bunch, open to other cultures — after all, we’re in the business of breaking down communication barriers.  Below is our latest group photo from Bologna.

BP19 Translation Conference Bologna group photo