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BP25 Translation Conference :: Training and networking event for freelance translators :: CPD for translators

BP25 Translation Conference

Freelance translators’ favourite event

Every year since 2014, translators from around the world come together at BP Translation Conferences to learn about the Business and Practice of their freelancing business. Interpreters, LSP representatives, and other language professionals also join us.

Hands-on presentations

Conference sessions and workshops offer practical training, with plenty of actionable tips that our attendees can easily implement in their own business as soon as the event is over.   

BP may also mean Brain Power — translators are proud that their intelligence is not artificial.

Active international community

In addition to the countless professional connections, hundreds of new friendships also formed between attendees over the past 10 years.  This extensive network, now spreading to over 70 countries in the world, is a valuable source of professional referrals.

Kraków as a host city of BP25

Culturally rich Kraków is Poland’s most beautiful city, and it’s also well connected by flights and night trains.  The old town is easy to walk around, and it’s an exciting destination for art lovers, foodies, and history buffs alike. For nature lovers, the Tatra mountains are just an hour away. 

BP Translation Conferences help you

BPconf Learn


Stay ahead of the curve as you constantly learn about new tricks of the trade, new ways of boosting your productivity as a freelance translator, new ways to attract better and more clients.

BPconf Grow


Implement what you learned to grow your business: Attract new clients, successfully raise your rates by offering more valuable services and by being aware of your own value.

BPconf connect


Meet old friends and make new ones, establish meaningful contacts with colleagues from around the world at our popular events, both online and in real life.


BP = Business & Practice

Roughly half of all sessions at BP Translation Conferences cover a business aspect of freelance translation, while the rest falls into the broad category of ‘practice’.

‘Practice’ sessions cover productivity tools, CAT tools, all the heavy stuff.   As a counterweight,  some sessions talk about ‘soft skills’ and life-work balance.

All sessions provide practical, actionable tips that attendees can implement right after returning home after the event.

Everything that you learn at BP Translation Conferences is very useful to boost your productivity and your translation business.


BP = Befriending People

For most people the highlight of BP events is the easy-going, yet supercharged atmosphere that makes it easy to make lasting connections with your colleagues from other countries.

Year after year, a colourful crowd of professional translators come together from around the world at BP Translation Conferences. 

At a typical conference around 40 countries are represented. Over the years we’ve had translators from over 60 countries from around the world.

At a typical conference around 40 countries are represented. Over the years we’ve had translators from almost 60 countries from around the world.

Many translators return every year, no matter where the next BP Translation Conference takes place.