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BP24 Translation Conference Sevilla Seville Freelance translators

The conference in Seville was a greats success — but you can still join us at the online edition in May

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Watch 5 workshops and 30 presentations, participate actively, and be part of an international audience


‘BP’ stands for Business & Practice, the two overarching themes that define what our conference sessions are about

Freelance translators’ popular event

10 years of building a strong international community

BP Translation Conference 10 years host cities
BP24 Translation Conference 325 attendees

Online edition :: 13-17 May 2024

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5 workshops

Recordings for Premium & VIP attendees

30 presentations

13-17 May 2024, six each day

Networking sessions

general and by specialisation


Vote / Rate / Chat / Network


BP24 Translation Conference Online Programme
BP24 Translation Conference Online Programme

BP24 Online

Remote attendance :: Rich learning content + networking

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5 workshops

6 May :: Achieving your business goals in one year

7 May :: Finding direct clients using Google Ads

8 May :: Finding translation  clients using LinkedIn

9 May :: Branching out to subtitling

10 May :: Charging what you are worth

30 presentations : 13-17 May

  • 6 sessions each day in 2 tracks
  • 14:00 – 17:00 CET
  • Interactive engagement
  • Networking sessions


Event app

:: Remote attendees also have access to the event app

:: Networking with all attendees (onsite and remote)

:: Additional networking opportunities

BP24 Online :: F.A.Q.

More about live streaming

One track, from the main conference room, will be livestreamed for remote attendees.  This includes both plenary sessions (Tuesday morning + Wednesday afternoon).

A survey, around late March, will determine which sessions will be in the main conference room.  All attendees (both onsite and remote) will have a say in this survey.

We’ll be using Zoom as a platform, and you will find all access details in the app.  You will also receive reminders by email.

Live interaction during streaming

As a remote attendee, you’ll be the using the app as onsite attendees in the conference room.  You’ll be able to type in your questions during the session, or upvote any existing questions.

Whenever a live poll, wordcloud, or any other type of interactive element is included in the session, you’ll be able to vote or type in your reply, just as anyone sitting in the room in Seville.

If all goes well, we’ll be using the same app (Slido) for audience engagement also during the online rerun of all sessions in mid-May.

You will receive more details by mid-April.

Workshop week :: 6-10 May 2024

Both workshops that take place in Seville will be repeated online, with three more workshops, on the week of 6 to 10 May.

Workshops will start at 13:30 CET  (12:30 GMT, 7:30 EST), and last 2 to 3 hours.

Workshops attendees are likely to receive worksheets and/or ‘homework’, and you’ll be able to ask questions.

Titles and descriptions of the workshops here

Access details in the app + by email.

Sessions week :: 13-17 May 2024

All sessions that originally take place in Seville will be repeated online between 13 and 17 May, together with a few more sessions.

These online sessions will take place between 14:00 and around 17:30 CET  (13:00 – 16:30 GMT, 8:00 – 11:30 EST) each day, probably in two simultaneous tracks.

The exact schedule will be available by early April.

Access details in the app and by email.

You’ll be able to type in your questions and answer any polls.

More technical details by mid-April.

Certificate of attendance

You will receive a certificate of attendance if you attend the livestreamed sessions on 23-24 April, or the repeated ones in May.

No certificate of attendance can be issued if you only watch the recordings.

Certificate of attendance

You will receive a certificate of attendance if you attend the livestreamed sessions on 23-24 April, or the repeated ones in May.

No certificate of attendance can be issued if you only watch the recordings.


Recordings (unedited) will remain available on Zoom for two months.

Cancellation policy

No refunds can be paid for purchases of remote tickets, but if you cancel your attendance until 12 April, you’ll receive the amount paid as a discount off any future purchase.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

BP24 :: FAQ

Registration / Buying a ticket

How do I register for the conference?

Regular tickets will be available from January 2024 (probably from 8 January), to be sold on this website.

Currently (July 2023) we sell pre-registration packages (more on these below, in a separate F.A.Q. item).

You can register for the event by buying a ticket of your choice.  There’s no physical ticket, and there’s no QR code.

Once your payment arrives, you’ll receive an invoice, and we’ll keep track of all purchases, so we’ll know who bought a ticket.

You may need to produce an ID card at the event when picking up your badge and conference bag.

Conference prices


In some cases you’ll need to pay a 21% Spanish VAT on top of the conference ticket, while in some cases you don’t.

  • You’ll need to a pay a 21% VAT if you purchase your ticket as a private individual, no matter where you are based
  • You’ll need to pay a 21% VAT if you’re based in Spain, whether you purchase your ticket as a company or as an individual. (As a company, you’ll be able to claim back the VAT amount in your tax return.)
  • You will not need to pay a 21% VAT if you purchase your ticket as a company registered in an EU member state other than Spain. In this case you’ll need to provide your valid VAT number.
  • If you’re based outside the EU and you purchase your ticket as a company, you’re also eligible to VAT-free purchase. (This information will be clarified after a thorough check with the relevant Spanish VAT regulations.)

While the company organizing BP Translation Conferences is registered in Hungary, for VAT purposes we’ll need to charge the local VAT of the country where the physical event will take place.  All invoices (after 1 January 2024) will be issued with our Spanish VAT number. (To be obtained later in 2023.)

How much money do I need in total?

The conference ticket itself will cost around 300-350€ (+VAT), depending on how much in advance you register.   If you add two networking dinners (most people do), this will cost around 100€ more.  (These prices will be finalized before early January.)

You’ll need to pay for your flight or train tickets, and this, obviously, greatly varies according to where you live.  As a rule of thumb, the earlier you buy your ticket, the cheaper it is.

Accommodation: We have a general 10% discount off the prevailing hotel room rates at the conference hotel.  If you book early enough, a single room will cost around 90€, while a double room just over 100€.  You can save a substantial amount if you can find a roommate to split the costs.  If you stay more than just a couple of days, renting a holiday apartment may be a cheaper and more comfortable option, especially if you can split the costs between 3-4 or more people.

You may want to set aside some money for fringe events such as walking tours, day trips, as well as museum entrance fees, meals, and souvenirs.

Where does my money go?

Over half the amount of your ticket covers conference room rental, equipment rental, as well as catering at the event.

We also need to cover speakers’ costs, organiizer’s expenses, as well as badges, bags, notepads, pens.

A part of the ticket revenue covers various licences (conference app, a dozen or so software subscription fees, and so on).

Oh, and a sizeable chunk is paid to the coffers as various taxes.

Cancellation policy

We offer a generous cancellation policy. You can find its full text, together with our general terms and conditions here.

The conference itself

I don't know anybody -- can I still go?


BP Translation Conferences have a reputation of bringing people together.  We put a special emphasis on welcoming first-time attendees.

Our networking dinners are highly popular, with over 70% attending both the welcome reception and the gala dinner.

The majority of first-timers usually integrate easily into the conference crowd.

What are start and end times each day?

Conference sessions will likely start at 9:30 and last until about 17:30 local time (CET) on both days (23 & 24 April).

22 April:   Morning workshop (business goals): 9:30 – 13:00, afternoon workshop (Google ads): 14:30 – 18:00.   Welcome reception: probably 19:30 – 22:00

Exact times will be available by early March.

The event venue

All conference sessions and workshops will take place at Hotel Silken Al-Ándalus Palace (Av. de la Palmera, s/n, 41012 Sevilla).

The main conference room is located in the basement level, accessible by stairs or an elevator.

The hotel has over 600 rooms, and all BP24 attendees get a 10% discount off the prevailing room rates.

Tthe hotel also boasts a beautiful swimming pool in the garden.

Staying at the conference hotel  allows you to spend more time with fellow attendees, either at the bar (open until 2 a.m.) or during breakfast.

Networking dinners

We’ll have a welcome reception on Monday, 22 April, in the evening hours; most probably in the hotel’s garden.

Our gala dinner will take place on Tuesday, 23 April, at a downtown location (to be announced later).

These dinners will be included in the Premium ticket.   If you’d like to attend only one of these dinners, you can buy a Basic ticket and add the dinner of your choice as a separate item.

It is possible to invite guests to both dinners (by buying an additional dinner ticket).

The conference will end with a farewell cocktail around 17:00 on Wednesday, 24 April — this is covered by all conference tickets.

Special dietary needs

All venues can cater for guests with special dietary needs. About a month before the event, you’ll receive a form where you can indicate if you need vegan / lactose-free / gluten-free options, and/or if you are allergic to a specific ingredient.

Certificates of attendance / CE points

BP24 Translation Conference has been approved by ATA for 10 CE points.

Whether you’re a member of ATA or any other professional association, you will receive a certificate of attendance after the event, in pdf format.

Getting to Seville

Direct flights

Seville is connected by direct flights to a wide range of airports in Europe.  See the full list at this Wikipedia page.

Some airlines already published timetables for Summer 2024, while others (namely, Ryanair, the largest operator from Seville airport) will publish it probably in September.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your airline’s website on a regular basis.

Flying to Madrid, Málaga, Jerez, then travel by train/bus

Málaga airport (AGP) has far more direct connections than Seville.  Conveniently, you can catch a train or a bus between Málaga airport and Seville.  Buses are more frequent, cheaper, and take you closer to the hotel in Seville.   Most trains involve at least one change.

Check out bus and train connections here, or directly at the bus or train company.  Please note that direct trains most often leave from Málaga María Zambrano and arrive at Sevilla Santa Justa.  Direct trains sell out earlier.  For both buses and trains, dates in April will be available a few months before the dates.

If you fly from the Americas, Africa, or the Middle East, you’ll probably fly to Madrid (MAD) first.  From here you can catch either a connecting flight to Seville, or you can train train A4 from the airport to Atocha train station, then catch an express train to Seville’s Santa Justa station.   Trains take about 3 hours, and prices start from 16€. The earlier you book your ticket, the cheaper it is.

Open Omio.com to find your best connection and to buy your ticket.

Another airport near Seville is Jerez de la Frontera (XRY), with a handful of destinations.

Finding conneting low-cost flights

Everybody knows about flight search engines such as SkyScanner or Kayak, but these find flights operated only by traditional airlines such as Iberia, KLM, or Lufthansa.

If you fly from a European city without a direct flight to Seville,  you can find connecting flights on low-cost airlines on the website AZair.eu.

Step 1:  Enter your airport of origin and the detination.  If you live near several airports, you can enter multiple airports as well; results will include all possible flights.

Step 2: Enter the dates. For the chapest rates, try to be flexible. Enter the earliest possible date of departure, the latest possible date of return, and the number of days you wish to stay at your destination.   Please note that most flights in April are not listed yet — these may be available from August or September.

Step 3: Enter the number or maximum changes.  In most cases, you’ll go for 1.   If you have direct flights by several low cost airlines from your region to Seville, enter 0.

Step 4: Search results are ranked by price (lowest first). You can change the sorting key to departure date/time as well.   Check the duration of time between the two flights.  If it’s too short (less than 90 minutes), especially in the evenings, you may miss your connecting flight, as it happened to your conference organizer.  Morning flights are more reliable to keep their scheduled departure and arrival times, whereas delays are more likely later in the day.  Make sure you have hand luggage only so you don’t have to check in again.  Also, avoid a stopover in the UK, and you’ll probably have to go through immigration.

Step 5: Prices are indicative only, and usually they reflect the prices a ofew days earlier. In other words, actual prices may be higher.

Step 6:  Buy the actual tickets on the respective airline’s website as usual.

Benefits: This website can find routes that may not have thought of before.  For example, Milan (MXP), Rome (FCO), or Palma (PMI) may turn out to be good stopover points with cheap fares on both legs of your journey to Seville.

Travel by train / bus


In most cases, travelling by train within Spain will involve a change in Madrid.

Check out times and prices on Renfe.  Tickets are usually bookable around 3 months before the travel date, although you may be able to find better deals closer to the date.

Most trains arrive at Santa Justa station.


Seville is served by several long-distance bus routes from various cities in Spain.

The only useful international routes are Lisbon (around 6:40) and Faro (around 2:30), both in Portugal, and both served by Flixbus.

In principle, there are direct bus routes to a number of cities in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and even in Romania, but these trips are tediously long, and more often than not, cost more than a flight ticket.


Workshops on 22 April

We have two workshops on offer on the pre-conference day, 22 April:

‘Achieve all your business goals in just one year with this method’ — by Ruth Gámez and Fernando Cuñado:    9:30 – 13:00 local time

‘Google Ads: Fast track to more direct clients’ by Susanne Dirks:  14:30 – 18:00 local time

Both workshops include a 30-minute coffee break.


These will take place in the conference hotel, Hotel Silken Palace Al-Andalus.

These workshops are not covered by your conference ticket; you need to buy separate tickets above.

These workshops will be repeated online on the week of 6-10 May 2024, included in the ‘Remote Premium’ ticket.

In-person conference tickets do not inlude the online reruns of these workshops.


Online workshops

There will be some additional workshops, most probably on the week of 6-10 May.

These are included in the Sevilla Basic, Sevilla Premium, and Remote Premium tickets.

‘How to charge what you’re worth’ by Zoran Metikoš (Slovenia)

‘Branching out to subtitling – getting started’ – by Tiina Kinnunen (Finland)


There will be at least one more, title and speaker to be announced soon

Certificates of attendance / CE points

You will receive a certificate of attendance for each workshop you attend on 22 April, stating 3 hours of CPD.

Some more F.A.Q.’s

Discounts for students and recent graduates

We offer a 110€ discount for full-time students of  translation, interpreting or similar studies if you are under 30 years old on 23 May 2024.

We offer a 40€ discount for colleagues who graduated in 2022 or 2023 and are under 32 years old on 23 May 2024.

The total number of such discounted in-person tickets is limited to 10% of total in-person attendance.  There’s no limit to the number of such discounted remote tickets.

Please upload a proof of student status / degree, as well as a copy of your ID that shows your name and birth date, and you will receive a discount code by email.

Tickets for a single day

It may be possible tickets for single day from March.

Most probably, the price will be about 65% of a ‘Sevilla Basic’ ticket.


This is what you will get:

  • In-person attendance on the day of your choice
  • All catering during the conference hours (2 coffee breaks and 1 lunch on Tuesday;  1 coffee break, 1 lunch, and 1 farewell reception on Wednesday)
  • Conference badge, conference bag
  • Access to the event app and online platform
  • Access to all recordings, including the sessions on the other day


Will there be an ATA exam?

ATA decided to make their certification exams available online, so there’s no need (and probably no demand) for on-site exams.

Certificates of attendance / CE points

All in-person attendees, as well as ‘Remote Premium’ attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

ATA usually accepts the conference for 10 CE points — the confirmation will arrive some time in February.

If you live in France, you may need a special form to be filled in so that your attendance can be accepted by continuous education insitutions — we’re happy to sign this for you.

I follow a special diet

Vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, and/or gluten-free options will be available at all venues.

In fact, BP translation conferences have offered these options since our very first event (BP14).