Corinne McKay: Using objective data to price your work

Corinne McKay_BP20_Using objective data to price your work

Pricing is a frequent source of stress for beginning and experienced translators alike. Many freelancers focus too much on factors that they can’t pin down or control: What would a given client be willing to pay? How much would another translator charge for this work? How do I know that I’m not under-charging or over-charging? The key to smart and low-stress pricing decisions is to focus on how much you want or need to earn from your freelance work, and what hourly or per-word rates you need to charge in order to get there. In this session we’ll use a simple, easy-to-understand (even for “word people”) worksheet to calculate our target rates, and then we’ll discuss rate zones. Having three rate zones: green (your ideal rate), yellow (a rate at which you must have a non-economic reason for working), and red (a rate below which you do not work) can help us identify the types of clients we want to target with our marketing efforts.

Corinne McKay is an ATA-certified French to English translator and Colorado court-certified French interpreter, based in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to her own translation work —  specializing in international development, corporate communications, and non-fiction books — Corinne blogs, writes books, and teaches courses for other freelance translators. With over 12,000 copies sold, her book “How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator” has become a go-to reference for the profession, and her blog Thoughts on Translation has twice won the Community Choice award for best blog about translation; with fellow French to English translator Eve Bodeux, she also co-hosts the podcast Speaking of Translation. Corinne served as President of the American Translators Association from 2017-2019, and now focuses on her own translation and interpreting work and her online course platform, Training for Translators.

This talk is scheduled as the keynote address on 24 April