Jeanette Brickner

BP18 speaker Jeanette Brickner

Jeanette Brickner is a German to English translator with a decade of experience in the language services industry and eight years in translation. Now specialized in automotive and marketing translations, she worked as a research assistant in the Language Resource Center at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Her primary duties there involved consulting with faculty and developing mainly technology-based solutions to meet the needs of more than a dozen language-related departments, including the Translation program and the School of Continuing Education. Based in Prague, she is passionate about encouraging other translators to pursue lifelong learning opportunities.

Your CPD plan for 21st century business

BP18 Translation Conference Jeanette Brickner CPD plan for 21st century business

It is now well-recognized that lifelong education is a must for success in today’s workforce. This is particularly true for translators and interpreters. Luckily, your options for pursuing CPD opportunities that are relevant to your business are almost limitless. This talk will broadly touch on different fields and levels of commitment that you can pursue through continuing education and professional development. We will then look at various schools of thought on how to make sure that you have a personalized CPD plan that is appropriately tailored to meet the specific needs of your individual business while keeping your service offerings relevant to your customers.


This short talk is scheduled for Thursday, 19 April.