Carlos la Orden Tovar

BP18 Translation Conference speaker Carlos la Order Tovar

Carlos has forged a professional career linked to Information Technology, Languages and Education across Europe and America. In the last two decades, Carlos has lived and developed his skills in 10 different countries, proudly working as a Technology Trainer, Localization Project Manager, School & University Teacher and Freelance Translator. Over the years, he has worked with dozens of international clients such as Microsoft, 3M, Cisco, Oracle, AENA, United Techhologies, Movistar and Nokia, to name a few.

His natural inclination towards sharing knowledge and gathering new experiences has driven his career through unbeaten paths, mixing academic and business life in an ever-changing global scenario. He lives in the beautiful city of Bologna and splits his time as a Lecturer at Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, Speaker and freelance Language Consultant and Localizer.

Why your nice profile isn’t attracting any clients

BP18 Translation Conference Carlos la Orden Tovar Why your nice profile isn't attracting any clients

You have all the winning cards to thrive in the translation business. Formal qualifications. Check. A wide range of services. Check. A website that you crafted in order to boost your visibility. Check. You are meticulous, resourceful and have reasonable experience. You even subscribed for a couple of industry associations. Check, check, check. Yet, you still struggle to hit decent projects, acquire regular clients and quit submitting your CV ten times a day to every living business and language service company out there.

Why? Why me? Why NOT me?

The reason behind that empty inbox isn’t your lack of experience. It is the MESSAGE. It is not about you. It never was. It is about your clients. I will help you shape your message in order to make you speak the same language as your clients: No matter how many languages you already speak, you need to learn this one. Learn to focus on a specific industry and its motivations, know your potential clients and craft an irresistible message.


This talk is scheduled for Thursday, 19 April 2018.