BP17 conference magazine for everyone

We are great believers in disseminating practical knowledge to the freelance translators’ community. Conferences are not within everyone’s reach, so BP now would like to make a great leap forward: reaching out to many more translators out there by making accessible the conference magazine for free on pdf.

Become an author

The idea is simple: we’ll create a magazine that includes relevant articles in the broad fields of business and practice for freelance translators and interpreters.  Former, current, and hopefully future conference speakers, as well as translators out there are welcome to submit their articles.

Possible subjects

Almost anything, really.  What you have say should address a relevant business or practical issue facing freelance translators or interpreters.  Articles should be well-written. If necessary, have it proofread by a native speaker before submitting.  Avoid being too general – focus on a specific issue/subject instead. (E.g. don’t submit an article with a title ‘Social media for translators’ – Try ‘How my 1000 Twitter followers turned into 10 lucrative direct clients’).

Have an idea already?

The length can be anything from a 1/4 page (roughly 150 words), through 1/2 page (roughly 380 words), a full page (700 words), up to two pages (1500 words).  The word counts are rough indications only, still waiting confirmation from the typesetter.

Deadline for submitting articles is 28 February, 2017.

If you’re considering submitting an article, please complete this short survey so that we can plan ahead.

Not all submitted articles will be published.  Some submitted articles may not be published in the printed version, but may be included in the free e-book.

What’s in it for you?

Each author may have a mini ad placed after the article: this can be either text (name, email/twitter handle, language pairs, fields), or a small image file. The exact size will be announced later, after a consultation with our typesetter.

Advertise your services

You may place 3 different sizes of ads in the magazine:  full page (A/4), half page (A/5), quarter page (A/6).  The exact image sizes will be announced later, after a consultation with our typesetter. (Allowing space for the margins and dividing lines.)  You will find these advertising options in our webshop once registration is open.

Ads are available at a discounted price until 14 February: a quarter page ad costs 150€, a half page ad costs 250€, a full page costs 450€ + VAT if applicable.

Targeting the right people

Each conference attendee will receive a free copy of the magazine – attendance is expected to exceed 200 people this year.

Immediately after the conference the magazine will be published as a freely available e-book, reaching a much larger audience around the world.

Signups for the magazine will be collected over 100 days before the conference, and the e-book will be available for free for any length of time after the event.

BP conference attendees are usually high profile freelance translators with at least 5, in many cases at least 15 years experience.  Around 90% of conference attendees usually come from European countries. With the freely available e-book we will be able to reach a geographically much more diverse audience.

BP17 Translation Conference e-book signup form