Registration for BP19 will start in January

Meanwhile you might want to sign up for up for important notifications or to tell us what speakers you would like to see;  you can apply to be a speaker;   or you can sign up for the Facebook event with 2-3 updates per week.


‘BP Video Library’ is now avaiable at a special introductory discount, valid until 31 October.

Terms (video purchases)


Currently we have three packages available, each with different scope and duration.  The ‘BP18’ package allows you to watch all sessions recorded at BP18 Translation Conference, any number of times, for a period of one year after purchase.  The ‘All’ (or ‘BP Video Library’) package allows you to watch all sessions recorded at BP16, BP17, and BP18 conferences, any number of times, for a period of one year after purchase.  Finally, the ‘BP Video Library unlimited’ package allows you to watch all existing videos, plus all future videos, for an unlimited time.


You can purchase access to the videos at our online store on this website, under the Registration tab.  After selecting the desired item, open your shopping cart, then proceed to the checkout process.  On the next page you can provide your billing details.  If you select ‘Business’, and you’re from the European Union, provide a valid VAT number to avoid paying VAT. If you’re outside the EU, it’s up to you if you select ‘business’ or ‘individual’ — but you’re advised to follow any regulations  valid in your home country. If you’re based in Hungary, VAT will be added in both cases (you can claim a refund later if you purchase as a business).

Payment + Invoicing

Due to taxation regulations in force in Hungary, you will receive up to three different types of documents with your purchase.

If you pay with your bank card or from your PayPal account, you will automatically receive an ‘order receipt‘: this is basically an email to acknowledge your order.  A ‘deposit invoice‘ will be sent manually from our invoicing system; allow up to 12 hours for this.  At a later point you will receive a final invoice. This final invoice will list all the purchased items with a positive sign, the amount already paid with a negative sign, as well as the final payable balance (i.e. zero).

If you pay via bank transfer or TransferWise, first you automatically receive an ‘order receipt‘: this is basically an email to acknowledge your order. A ‘pro forma invoice‘ will be sent automatically from our invoicing system at the time of placing the order. This pro forma invoice lists all the items purchased and indicates the bank account details where you send the purchase amount. For Transferwise payments, make sure the target currency is set to HUF — all other details you need to provide are listed in the pro forma invoice and the automated emails.

The funds are supposed to arrive within 3 days.  If the funds are not received within 5 days, your order will be cancelled.  Once the funds are credited on our bank account, you’ll receive a ‘deposit invoice‘ – this has to be processed manually. From this point on the process is identical with the one for bank cards / PayPal as described above.

Watching the videos

As soon as your funds are cleared on our bank account, you will receive an email that includes a unique URL.  This URL (link) is your key to access the videos.   The videos are stored  on Vimeo, a premium video sharing platform. If you’re new to this, you’ll have to create a profile (very simple, only your name and email are needed).   After this you simply hit Continue then Watch now — and you can watch the videos.

Whenever you log on to Vimeo again, your videos will be there for the duration selected (one year or unlimited, depending on the package you purchased).  You can access Vimeo and watch your videos from any device — PC, tablet, mobile.

The URL is unique and can be redeemed only once. But once you redeem it, you can watch the videos any number of times for the duration of your purchase.

No refund policy

Since your purchase is complete once your receive the unique URL, we cannot give you any refund for video purchases.  Thank you for your understanding.

Also, if you choose to pay by bank transfer or Transferwise, and your payment is not received within 5 days, your order will be cancelled.

Your email

We reserve the right to send you promotional emails about BP events from time to time (not too often; about once a month from December to April, then maybe once during the rest of the year).  We will never share, sell, or give away your email to any third party.  You’ll be able to unsubscribe from these emails any time.