F. A. Q.

BP18: Frequently asked questions

This is a very early version of this page, with most information missing.  Most questions will be answered and published by the end of August.

I need some practical information on arrival, etc.

Later.  We’ll produce a pdf guide that you can download to your mobile phone.  This guide will include information on public transport to conference venues, etc., and will be available a couple of weeks before the conference.

How much does the conference cost?

There are many factor to keep in mind when calculating the price of conference ticket.  If all goes well, the early bird price will be announced early October.

Students will be eligible to a discount, probably 33%.

Do I have to pay VAT?

If you buy your ticket as a company or a sole proprietorship, you don’t have to pay VAT.

We’ll publish a detailed description on VAT payment probably in September.

Do I get an INVOICE for my payment?

Yes.  The registration process and invoicing process are integrated with the website.  More information will be published before registration for the conference opens.

How do I register for BP18?

Registration (=ticket sales) will start as soon as all background processes are set up, perhaps as early as November.   For the time being you can sign up for important updates.  You can also use this form to tell us about your expectations.

Can I become a BP18 volunteer?

As BP Translation Conference are becoming more and more popular, we can certainly do with some input from volunteers.   Please use the signup form to apply.

Where can I stay in Vienna?

You can stay at the conference hotel (Marriott), but this is quite pricey, even with the special conference rate (199€ for a single).  There are several much cheaper alternatives in Vienna.  We’ll try to make special deals with 2-3 hotels that are within an easy reach of the conference venues – stay tuned, these will be announced soon.

I need a Schengen visa.  Can you help me with an invitation letter?

We’ll find a solution for this. Stay tuned for details.

My company wants to become a sponsor/exhibitor

You are most welcome.  Our advertising and sponsorship packages will be available soon.

I’m more of an interpreter, can I still join?  

Of course.  Many of our previous and returning attendees do more interpreting than translation. Takeaways from our business sessions can easily be applied to interpreters as well.  Most importantly, the unique BP conference atmosphere is shared by all language professionals.

At BP17 some of the sessions will specifically cater to interpreters’ needs.

Can I invite other translators?  

Sure you can! While a large number of BP attendees know each other from previous events, all of them started out not knowing anybody else.  BP conferences lay a strong emphasis on building lasting relationships, both professional and personal.

You’re more than welcome to invite your colleagues.   A good way of doing is using the Share button on our Facebook event, or you can simply tell them about the event.   In fact, BP conferences have a very good word of mouth; attendees of previous events often recommend us to their colleagues.

I don’t know anybody among the attendees. How will I fit in?

The BP conference crowd is very open and ready to welcome any colleagues.  Translators and interpreters have always been regarded as weirdos by outsiders – but at BP we’re all insiders, all speaking the same language. Registered attendees will have little profiles on this website, together with their photos, short bios, and a few links to their professional pages – you can start networking even before the conference starts.

Conference breaks are the best times to forge new relationships.  Feel free to talk to anyone – that’s the very reason we come together.

Who organizes BP18?

The man behind BP Translation Conferences is freelance translator Csaba Bán.  He is assisted by an IT guru, a typesetter, an accountant.  You can read more about the BP story here.

I still have a question that I think others may also have. Can you help me?

Sure.  Drop us a line and shoot.