6 May: Longer sessions

Traditional conference format

The second conference day will follow a more traditional format, with 50-minute sessions in 3 parallel tracks.

Sessions start at 9:30 (most probably), and finish around 17:30. (The times are not final.)

The sessions

Each session will last for 50 minutes, allowing the speaker to elaborate in more detail about the subject. As usual, roughly half the sessions will focus on business, while the other half will tackle more practical subjects.  The arrangement of the sessions below is not final – the final schedule will be decided a couple of weeks before the event.

Please note that this year we’ll have 40% more sessions than at BP16 and previous years! (i.e. 18 instead of 13.)

 Sameh Ragab

Ivana Elezovic Babic

Sue Leschen

BP17 Translation Conference Sameh Ragab winning mindset session card
BP17 Translation Conference Ivana Elezovic Babic software localization session card
BP17 Translation Conference Sue Leschen strategies for success session card

Simon Akhrameev

Irene Koukia

Marek Buchtel

BP17 Translation Conference Simon Akhrameev local translation business session card
BP17 Translation Conference Irene Koukia automating frequest tasks session card
BP17 Translation Conference Marek Buchtel CAT tool features card

Nicole König

Meg Dziatkewicz

Nigel Saych

BP17 Translation Conference Nicole König dream clients session card
BP17 Translation Conference Meg Dziatkewicz websites session card
BP17 Translation Conference Nigel Saych Fair trade translation session card

 Jonathan Hine

Gabi Nagy

 Joy Phillips

BP17 Translation Conference Jonathan Hine pricing strategies session card
BP17 Translation Conference Gabi Nagy GTD session card
BP17 Translation Conference Joy Phillips session card

 Jonathan Hine

Michael Farrell

 Ellen Singer

BP17 Translation Conference Jonathan Hine pricing strategies session card
BP17 Translation Conference Michael Farrell Transcreation session card
BP17 Translation Conference Budapest Ellen Singer Ethics and Integrity workshop

 Caterina Saccani

László Szabó

 Pablo Mugüerza

BP17 Translation Conference Budapest Caterina Saccani finding the right niche session card
BP17 Translation Conference - László Szabó legal translations into English
BP17 Translation Conference Pablo Mugüerza medical vocabulary session card


The venue

All sessions on 6 May will be held at Hotel Aréna, a functional conference hotel just 4 metro stops from the city centre.  The hotel is located at Ifjúság útja 1-3, Budapest 1148.

Farewell dinner / party

We will also have a separately priced farewell dinner that will morph into a party.  We’ll go to a beautiful location right next to Budapest’s iconic Heroes’ Square, overlooking a paddling lake and a floodlit castle.

People with special diets (vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free) will receive meals specifically prepared for them – you can mark these special diet needs on the conference registration form.

The venue

Getting there from the conference hotel: You can take red trolley bus #75 from the conference hotel right to the dinner venue; you’ll be there in about 15 minutes.

From the city centre take the old underground (M1) up to Hősök tere (Heroes’ Square), then walk across the square on the right side, passing by a museum building. The restaurant is in the long white building.

A taxi ride from either the conference hotel or the city centre should take about 10 minutes and cost around 1500-1800 Ft (5-6€).


The conference day, and the farewell dinner, respectively, is included in the following types of tickets. These are the images you’ll see in the webshop.

BP17 Translation Conference webshop 2 days 3 dinners

Price: 354€ + VAT

BP17 Translation Conference webshop conference 2-day pass

Price: 264€ + VAT

BP17 Translation Conference webshop 6 May dinnerPrice: 65€ + VAT

If you buy any of the conference packages, you can add this dinner for only 62€ + VAT, using the coupon code ‘dinner3’. This applies only at the time of purchase – this is ideal for any visiting spouses, or if you want to add only one dinner. This coupon code will be shown at the checkout page as a reminder.


You can bring back the ‘early bird’ price relatively easily.  You are eligible to a 15€ discount per person if at least two people purchase the ‘full package’ ticket on the same invoice (i.e. a 2-day pass with two extra dinners).  In this case you end up paying only 339€ (+ VAT) per person, which was the early bird rate.

The same amount of discount is available for the 2-day pass only (i.e. without the extra dinners).

What’s more, you’re also eligible for a 15€ discount if your total amount (before applying the coupon code) is at least 528€.

To get the 15€ discount, use the coupon code ‘more15’ at checkout. The code is also displayed there for easy reference.

Validity of current rates

Attendance on the second day of the conference (Saturday, 6 May) is limited to 200 people.  Early bird rates were valid until we reached the 100 mark.  Current rates are valid until we reach 160 attendees, but no later than 24 March.

Late registration rates will be announced when we reach 140 attendees for this 2nd day.  (As of 20 February there are about 40 two-day passes left at the current rate.)

Sign up here to be notified when only 20 tickets are left at the current rate.  (This is the same signup form as we’ve had for months now, so you don’t need to sign up again if you’re on that list already.)

Prices of one-day passes for Friday only will remain the same (139€ + VAT) at least until 24 March.