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WATCH 31 conference sessions and talks recorded at BP19 in Bologna

CHAT with the speakers and fellow translators from around the world

READ an e-book written by BP19 speakers (to be published later)

LEARN new business tricks and practical skills for translators

EARN 6 ATA continuous education points

WIN a free ticket to BP20 Translation Conference in Nuremberg


>> Technical issues and delay <<

Once again many of you experienced serious problems trying to register, or trying to watch the videos once registered.

On 24 May I sent out an email to all VC subscribers explaining the situation in detail.

Long story short:  the videos will be published on Vimeo soon, hopefully early next week.  Stay tuned for details.

Apologies for all the inconvenience — the problems seem to be beyond my control.

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All videos

You’ll be able to watch 31 videos as part of the virtual conference: 18 sessions, 55 minutes each, and 13 short talks, 27 minutes each.  We will release 3 videos every day between 24 May and 6 June.

After the initial release, all videos remain available until 10 September, so you can watch them any time, any number of times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘BP19 Virtual Conference’ and how does it work?

BP19 Virtual Translation Conference is an online platform to allow translators from around the world to access CPD content easily from the comform of their homes, while interacting with colleagues and conference speakers to simulate a conference-like environment.

Flip through the slides for the key points, and see other F.A.Q. items below for more details.

What parts does the virtual conference consist of?

Videos — The single most important part of the virtual conference is a collection of 31 videos to be recorded at BP19 Translation Conference in Bologna on 2-3 May 2019.   These will include 18 long sessions (55 minutes each) and 13 short talks (19 minutes talk +8 minutes Q&A).

Instead of live streaming, we decided to present the videos at a pre-defined schedule over a period of almost two weeks. To be exact, the virtual conference will take place between 14 and 25 May, Tuesday to Saturday on two subsequent weeks, with 3 videos shown on each day.  This way you can watch the videos at a leasurely pace, while not placing a heavy burden on your daily routine and workload.  The exact schedule will be determined around 6-7 May.  Most probably the first screenings will take place in the afternoon and early evening hours in the Central European time zone (morning hours in the Americas).

After the initial screening of each video, they remain available to watch any time for 4 months, until 14 September. You can then watch the videos any number of times.

Chat — Next to each video player you’ll have a good old-fashioned chat room that allows you type your comments while you watch the video during the first screening, interacting with fellow translators from around the world.  The relevant conference speakers will also be available to take questions during the first screening, and for one more hour after the first screening is over.   Chat rooms will remain open until 14 September, so you can read through the comments (or add your own comment) any time during this period.

Slides — You can flip through the presentation slides at your own pace while you watch the videos. Again, these remain available until 14 September.

What sessions can I watch as part of the virtual translation conference?

As part of BP19 Virtual Translation Conference you’ll be able to watch all the sessions and short talks that will be presented at the actual conference in Bologna.  Below you can see all the sessions and short talks in a randomized sequence.   You can see a more detailed list of the long sessions here and the short talks here. Click on each unit to see a more detailed abstract and speaker bio.

How can I attend the virtual translation conference?

Within this page click on Register on the menu. You will see a yellow splash screen with a paywall. Simply click on the BUY button. You’ll need to create an account.

The videos will be available through a service called DaCast provided by inplayer.com.  Their secure payment page will process your payment.

When buying the item in DaCast’s payment processing widget, you will see two items, both at the same price (currently 39€).  Select the one that shows several tabs: this means you’ll get to see a series of videos rather than just one. After this, proceed with payment as usual.

You’ll notice that no invoicing data are collected and no VAT is added. This has to do with the fact that technically you’ll purchase the item via InPlayer.com.  After your purchase you will receive a receipt from noreply@inplayer.com.

You will receive a notification from shortly before the first video will be released (on 20 May, most probably 2 pm CET).  From this time you can simply log in using your login cedentials you provided at the beginning of the registration process.

3 new videos will be released every day between Tuesday and Saturday between 20 May and 1 June (exact times will be announced later). All videos, chat rooms, and slides will be available until 10 September 2019.

Prices:  The early bird price is 39€ until Sunday, 19 May, then it will be 49€ from 20 May onwards.

How does chat work?

Next to each conference video you’ll find a chat room.  You can log in with your Facebook or LinkedIn account, in which case your name and photo will be carried over to the chat, or you can log in with your email address as a guest, in which case you can set up your preferred username and add a photo.

In addition, there will be some other chat rooms dedicated to making new business contacts, business practices, or technical issues.

The video paywall applies only to the videos, which means the chat rooms will be visible to anyone, and anyone can join in the conversation.

Regular rules apply:  do not offend anyone, stay away from obscenities and harassment. The admin and/or the moderator has the right to ban or delete anyone without warning.

More about the e-book

As part of the virtual conference, you will receive an e-book, written by BP19 speakers.

This is still under construction, so the e-book may not be available by 14 May when the virtual conference starts.  We aim to provide it by the end of May though.

Once it’s available, all participants of the virtual conference will receive a notification.

ATA CE points / Certificate of Attendance

BP19 Virtual Conference is approved by ATA for 6 CE points.  Please fill in the form below if you a Certificate of Attendance for ATA or another translators’ association.

Your Certificate of Attendance will be issued in pdf after the VC is over, in early June. The certificate will list the titles of all sessions.

How can I win a free ticket to BP20 Translation Conference?

Everyone who registers for BP19 Virtual Translation Conference enters a draw.  One lucky winner after each batch of 200 virtual conference attendees will win a ‘full package’ ticket to next year’s BP conference.   This means two conference days plus 3 networking dinners.    The location of BP20 will be announced on 3 May, at the end of BP19.

The winner will be drawn at the end of September 2019, probably just before St Jerome’s Day, using RandomPicker, an online service that guarantees a proper and independent drawing. The draw and the winner(s) will be announced on social media, and the winner(s) will also be notified by email.

Please note that people who previously purchased access to our BP Video Library will also participate in the same draw.  Each entry is weighted. Attendees of BP19 Virtual Conference will receive a weight of 2, no matter when they register and at what price.

The prize is not transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Virtual Conference vs Video Library

As part of the Virtual Conference, you’ll be able to chat with the speakers and other translators for a period of two weeks, while all BP19 videos remain accessible until 10 November.

The Video Library is a collection of videos recorded at BP Translation Conferences since BP16.  The videos are accessible on our Vimeo channel.  If you purchased a Lifetime Access, you can watch the videos indefinitely, any number of times, on any device.  BP19 videos willbe available from around 15-20 June.

If you buy a ticket to the Virtual Conference, you’ll be able to purchase a Lifetime Access to the BP Video Library for only 40€ (as opposed to the current price of 79€).  You’ll receive an email about this before and after the VC.

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