Testimonials from BPconf attendees

Every year, some of the most enthusiastic conference goers write articles on their blogs or on social media

It was just what the translation world needed; it was just what I needed. For most people, the BP event in Lisbon was a very welcome return to in-person conferences after two years of online-only events due to COVID. (…)

Overall BP22 can be considered a huge success. Partly because of some fine organisation and good presentations, but mostly because in-person translation events are simply far more enjoyable than they are online. So all credit to the organisers for having persisted with putting it on through times when it might have seemed unlikely to go ahead. And good luck to them with BP23 in Utrecht!

Simon Berrill

SJB Translations, Barcelona (ES)

The networking reception and dinner were fantastic. Attendees came not only from every corner of Europe, but also from other continents. Translators are a bunch of very interesting people with fascinating stories; you always end up having the strangest things in common with someone sitting next to you – from a long-forgotten C language to someone’s partner being from a town close to yours. 

Everyone seemed in the mood for chatting, making connections, doing things together and meeting people. I am not someone particularly comfortable at approaching strangers and it was really easy to get to chat with others. 

Irene Corchado Resmella

ICR Translations, Edinburgh (UK)

Technisch waren die Bausteine der Konferenz nach- und nebeneinander laufende Zoom-Webinare und -Meetings, begleitend gab es in Whova Zeitpläne, Chats und Selbstvorstellungen der Teilnehmer*innen.

Alle Vortragenden sprachen live und konnten so auch Fragen aus dem Publikum beantworten. Und damit sie nicht nur mit ihrer Webcam sprechen mussten, sondern sozusagen wenigstens der ersten Reihe des virtuellen Konferenzsaals ins Gesicht sehen konnten, wurde ihnen (und uns!) jeweils eine Handvoll der Teilnehmenden am Bildrand eingeblendet.

Tanja Güllicher

Medical translator, Hamburg (DE)

It’s only been three days since I arrived from BP19 in Bologna and I’m still under the ‘conference buzz’, which feels like the right mood to share my personal account of the three-day event. It was my first BP, but it won’t be my last.

It was very clear all attendees were looking forward to it – I got this impression from the app Csaba Bán, the organiser behind the event, made available to us. With it we could meet other attendees, arrange evenings out, day trips, and more. Additionally, it had the agenda for the three days, making it easy and paperless!

Carolina Casado Parras

Vibrant Words Translations, London (UK)

I read books, listen to podcasts, watch videos, read articles, but nothing is like attending a live event. It is a different experience. You can ask questions and listen to others’ thoughts and talks about what is delivered. (…)

As you are surrounded by people with different experiences and cultures, you will be exposed to a load of information and knowledge you cannot get from anywhere else.  The best part of this is that most of the attendees of BP translation conferences have the same mindset; positive look at the industry and passion to improve themselves.

Sherif Abuzid

TranslationPartner.com, Cairo (EG)

Чому конференція називається ВР? А щоб ніхто не здогадався. Згідно з банером, розшифрувати цю абревіатуру можна як Business + Practice, Boosting Performance, Bright & Professional і навіть Badass Polyglots (я, звісно ж, за останнє).

Проводиться вона вже четвертий рік поспіль, у якій-небудь із столиць Східної Європи, і організовується всього одним ентузіастом, таким само перекладачем-фрілансером як і ми. (…)

Це такий собі табір для дорослих у найкращому сенсі цього слова, куди хочеться повертатися ще і ще! 

Anna Ivanchenko

Word4Power, Kyiv (UA)

Last year, I attended the BP15 conference in Zagreb. It was not my first conference, but it was the conference that triggered the so expected change needed in the way I was driving my business. (…)

This year, the BP16 will be held in a city even more steeped in history, Prague. I really look forward to catching up with the new conference. Since last year, I set up my professional Website, and tried to keep up-to-date with the new trends of our profession. I tried to improve my translator’s skills as well as my skills to market my business with efficiency. I will be growing more this year and I know that attending conferences like BP16 is a great way to move forward.

Anne-Laure Martin

AL Translation, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (FR)