Ultimate Video Bundle for translators

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Our most comprehensive video collection yet for freelance translators:

  • BP Video Library* (200+ conference videos), 1-year access
  • 7 workshop videos*, 3-month access
  • 30 conference videos* in Spanish, 6-month access
  • 29 conference videos from BP24 Translation Conference, until 31 August 2024
  • 5 workshop videos from BP24 Translation Conference, until 31 August 2024

*These collections will be added to the cart as separate items, at no extra charge

  • A total of 270+ training videos (about 230 hours)
  • A pdf guide to the videos (titles grouped by subject area)
  • A chance to win a Premium ticket to BP25 Translation Conference in Kraków*

(1 Premium conference ticket will be drawn for each set of 150 purchases.  Purchases must be completed by 30 June 2024 to be included in the prize draw. For an incomplete batch of eligible purchases, a discount will be drawn, the percentage of which will be determined by the number of purchases in the batch. E.g. for 75 purchases, one prize of a 50% discount off the Premium ticket will be drawn.  The prize cannot be transferred, but it may be used once for up to 3 years.)