Privacy Policy & GDPR compliance

We collect certain personal data solely with the purpose of, and only to the extent necessary for, providing you with our services.

We never disclose, transfer, sell, or otherwise make available any data collected through its website or its signup forms to any third party.


Event:  Any of the ‘BP Translation Conferences’ that are annual events organized for translators,  interpreters, and other language service professionals.  Individual events are referred to with the letters ‘BP’, followed by the last two digits of the given year, e.g. ‘BP19’.

Organizer:  The events are organized by B+B Mezzofanti Bt., a partnership registered in Budapest, Hungary (Registered seat: Széchenyi utca 8., Budapest 1054, Hungary; VAT ID: HU28523727), hereinafter referred to as the Organizer or ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’.  For commercial purposes the term ‘BP Translation Conferences’ is used as the organizer.

Attendee:  Any person who participates at any of the Events. May also be referred to as ‘you’ or ‘your’ in this Privacy Policy.

Additional Services:  In addition to the annual Events, the Organizer may offer certain related services in exchange for payment.  A notable example is providing access to the videos of recorded sessions of past Events.

Respondent:  Any person who chooses to fill in an optional sign-up form with the intention of receiving information, from time to time, about an Event or an Additional Service from the Organizer.

Scope and utilization of data collected

By way of sign-up forms

Anyone may choose to sign up for notifications about a forthcoming Event or Additional Service on sign-up forms available on this website.  For the purposes of such forms currently Google Forms are used, with servers located in the United States.  On such forms providing the Respondent’s e-mail address is mandatory, all other fields are optional. E-mail addresses collected this way are never be disclosed, transferred, sold, or otherwise made available by the Organizer to any third party.

In the near future sign-up forms provided by MailChimp will be used, with servers also located in the United States.

The Organizer may use an e-mail address so obtained to inform the Respondent about important milestones related to a forthcoming Event or Additional Service.   E-mail addresses so obtained are used by Organizer to build custom-made e-mail lists in mailing service MailChimp.   The Organizer signed MailChimp’s Data Protection Addendum on 24 May 2018.

By way of purchases in the Organizer’s online store

When you purchase your ticket to any of our Events or you purchase access to an Additional Service, you will need to provide certain data during the purchasing process.

Such data include your e-mail address, your name, company name (if applicable), your invoicing address, your company’s VAT number (if applicable).  Such data are used solely for the purpose of keeping track of your purchases and for issuing invoices. Such data are stored securely on our website’s back end, on servers located in Hungary, with our hosting provider

Such data are used in the automated process of generating invoices.  During the purchasing process we request data only as much as necessary to issue such invoices.   Invoices are generated using, a web-based invoicing software that is integrated into our website using their API (application interface).  Your invoicing details will be automatically entered into’s database, which means other users of this invoicing software will be able to see your company’s invoicing details.  For example, if your company is Acme Inc., Roadrunner Avenue 1.,  Birdland 84045 Utah, USA, and another user of the software starts typing ‘Acm…’ in the main field, your company’s full name and invoicing details may be pre-filled.

If you decide to pay using your bank card, you will need to provide your card details at a third-party card processing website, which is currently PayPal.  We may add a new card processing service for future payments to best cater for any privacy concerns of our Attendees.    The Organizer has no access to any bank card details the Attendee enters on such third-party card processing services.

By way of our registration form

We may collect certain additional data on our Event registration form.  Such data fall into three categories:

(i) Data to be published on our website’s Attendee page for individual Events. Such data include your photo, your short biography, links to your selected websites and social media profiles.  The provision of such data is optional, and an opt-in field is featured on the data collection form to seek your consent. Such information is published on our website and therefore it will be made publicly visible and searchable.   Such data are referred to in this Privacy Policy as Profile Data.

(ii) Data to be printed on your conference badge at the Event. Such data include your name, your company name or brand name (if applicable), your languages, talking points, as well as information about which conference days and which dinners you attend.  The provision of such data is optional (except for your name). Such data are used solely to produce your Attendee badge at our Event, and will never be shared with any third-party.  Such data are referred to in this Privacy Policy as Badge Data.

(iii) Data about your dietary preferences.  Such data will be aggregated, and the aggregate number of people with certain dietary needs will be transferred to catering companies that provide catering services during the Events.  Such data are referred to in this Privacy Policy as Diet Data.

All data collected on our Event registration form are stored securely on our website’s back end, on servers located in Hungary, with our hosting provider

Data collected for previous Events

If you attended any of our previous Events or purchased an Additional Service after January 2016, we have certain data about you on our website’s back-end.  Such data include your name, your e-mail address, your company name and VAT number (if applicable), your invoicing details, the items you purchased.  If you attended a previous Event after January 2016, we may also have on our website your Profile Data, Badge Data, and Diet Data related to those previous Events that you attended.

Access to your Profile Data, Badge Data, and Diet Data

You can access and edit your Profile Data, Badge Data, and Diet Data you may have provided us since January 2016 by opening this link (

If you would like us to delete all data pertaining to you, please drop us a line and we’ll do this as soon as possible.

Cookies and tracking pixels used on our website

This website ( uses cookies (small pieces of computer code stored on your computer) to store your login credentials so that the next time you visit our website, you will not need to log in again.  Accepting these cookies is optional;  even without accepting them you can continue using our website by logging in every time you visit the website.

This website does not use any cookies that track website visitors’ behaviour to offer them personalized online experience.

Our website uses Facebook pixels to track visitors who visit this website. Such pixels provide information for Facebook, and may be used to target specific Facebook ads based on the fact that you visited the website.  More specifically, you may see certain Facebook ads because you recently visited our website.

Photos and videos taken at an Event

Any Attendee may appear on photographs taken and videos shot at the Event, and these may be used for promotional purposes for future BP events. Such photographs and videos may be posted on this website of a future Event organized by the Organizer, and on social media accounts managed by the Organizer, notably on Facebook.  No attendee will be tagged on any such photos posted on Facebook, and no name will be mentioned.  Photos taken and videos shot by other attendees at the Event may be posted on social media.  It is each Attendee’s personal responsibility to handle such photos and videos with respect to the rights of the people appearing on such photos and videos.

Changes and updates

The Organizer reserves the right to change the language of this Privacy Policy from time to time at its own discretion, without notifying website visitors  in general, and Attendees in particular.  Notably, the Organizer may choose to use another bank card processor, another invoicing software, or another hosting provider in the future;  in such cases the Privacy Policy will be amended accordingly.


By providing your email on this website or by purchasing a ticket to the Event, you acknowledge the acceptance of this Privacy Policy.