Zoom webinars

All conference sessions will take place in the format of Zoom webinars. You’ll be able to see the speaker over most of your screen, together with any slides or screenshots she or he will be sharing with the audience.

Most of the webinars will last 60 minutes, while some will last 30 minutes. You’ll find the starting times at our Schedule page and in the event app.

How to enter a webinar

All BP20 webinars and meetings are set up in a way that you need to have a Zoom account to join

. It’s a good idea to create an account (free) on Zoom.us even before the first webinar or meeting starts.

When your payment arrives, your order is approved, and a number of automated events will be triggered. During this process, you’ll be automatically registered to all webinars (and meetings) that make up the online conference.  You’ll find the links to individual webinars in our event app (more details below), and also on a password-protected web page on this website.

What you can do

Chat: You’ll find a Chat icon at the bottom toolbar. The chat panel itself is on the right side of your screen.  You can say hi or make a general remark — these will go to the main chat feed. You can also go into private chats with other attendees. (In this case please use common sense, and refrain from any verbal abuse or harassment.)

Questions:  You’ll find the Q&A icon at the bottom toolbar. If you’d like to ask a question from the speaker, do it here (i.e. not in the chat feed).   You’ll also see other people’s existing questions: you may decide to upvote any existing question if you find it relevant.  The speaker will take a short break from time to time to reply the most relevant questions.

What you can’t do

By default attendees’ microphones will be muted throughout the webinars. You won’t be able to share your screen.  By default your camera will also be disabled.  When you enter into a private chat with another attendee, you must not use abusive language.

Please do not share webinar links with people who do not purchase access to the online conference.  An automated process has been set up to notify the admin in the event of unauthorized access.

Panelists vs Attendees

Zoom differentiates between attendees and panelists.  The main difference is that attendees have only viewing/listening rights, while panelists’ cameras are on, i.e. they are visible at the top of the screen.   You’ll enter the webinar as an attendee. In order to make to create a more life-like experience for the speakers, we’ll have a number of panelists, with live webcam views, placed at the top of the screen.   Such panelists will be picked randomly from the audience, and will be rotated, so each person will be a panelist only for a limited amount of time. Please note that the majority of the attendees will not be promoted to panelist status.


All webinars will be recorded automatically during the sessions. This is to allow attendees to watch all conference sessions, not only the ones they watched live.   Names of panelists will not be recorded.   If you do not wish to become a panelist, simply disable your web camera on your computer or smartphone.