Zoom meetings

All networking sessions, as well as masterclasses will take place in the format of Zoom meetings. This format allows for a much more interactive experience than webinars. This is also the ‘face’ of Zoom you have most probably seen already, with the screen split between multiple (up to 100) people.

By default everybody in a meeting room is allowed to speak. In order to avoid chaos, please keep your microphone mutes when you do not talk, or at least stay silent while someone else is speaking.

There are two views available.  In Gallery view, everybody is displayed in equal-sized bits, with the active speaker’s window being framed in a different colour.  In Speaker view, you get to see the active speaker in the main part of the screen, while all others are displayed in small rectangles at the top of the screen. You can toggle between the two views using the small icons at the top right corner of your Zoom meeting screen.

How to enter a meeting

All BP20 webinars and meetings are set up in a way that you need to have a Zoom account to join

It’s a good idea to create an account (free) on Zoom.us even before the first webinar or meeting starts.

When your payment arrives, your order is approved, and a number of automated events will be triggered. During this process, you’ll be automatically registered to all webinars (and meetings) that make up the online conference.  You’ll find the links to individual webinars and meetings in our event app (more details below), and also on a password-protected web page on this website.

What you can do

By default your camera and microphone will be enabled in a meeting, and you are welcome to have your say.   See separate FAQ items below on Masterclasses and Networking sessions.

Chat: You’ll find a Chat icon at the bottom toolbar. The chat panel itself is on the right side of your screen.  You can say hi or make a general remark — these will go to the main chat feed. You can also go into private chats with other attendees. (In this case please use common sense, and refrain from any verbal abuse or harassment.)

What you can’t do

You won’t be able to share your screen.  When you enter into a private chat with another attendee, you must not use abusive language.

Please do not share meeting links with people who do not purchase access to the online conference.  An automated process has been set up to notify the admin in the event of unauthorized access.


Meetings (networking sessions and masterclasses) will not be recorded.