At each BP Translation Conference we’ve had organized day trips, and these proved to be very popular among conference attendees, offering a fun environment to deepen newly built friendships, and see some cultural heritage along the way.   Due to various reasons, I decided not to have such organized day trips after BP19.

The single most important reason is price.  An organized trip would cost about four times as much as buying your own tickets.  For example, you can buy a return train ticket to Ravennna for under 15€, and entrance fees would set you back another 10€ or so. In contrast, for an organized trip I would have to charge at least 90€ plus VAT (and that doesn’t even include lunch).

On the positive side, this year we’ll have an event app (more about this soon), which will facilitate forming impromptu groups among conference attendees.  This means you can easily bring together people with similar interests even before the conference itself.