This is the new concept, starting in 2020.  Realizing that many regular BP attendees have spread the word already, now it’s time to measure this type of help… and give these people (‘brand advocates’, to use the marketing buzzword) something in return.

Basically for each new person you bring into the BP fold, you’ll receive a credit. You can use these as a discount for next year’s event, or, in certain cases, you can request a payout.

For now the referral program is open for BP20 attendees, but later it may be open to anyone.

BP Video Library referral programme

Convince your colleagues to buy access to the BP Video Library.  When they go through the registration process, at the bottom of the checkout page they’ll see a field called ‘Referrer’s email (optional)’.  Ask them to enter YOUR email address there.  Make sure this is the same email you normally use to interact with BPconf.

The purchase will be registered to your credit.  If two people purchase the 1-year access and enter your email as the referrer, you’ll also receive a 1-year access to BP Video Library.

From the 3rd person, you’ll receive a 1 credit after each person.  For each credit you’ll receive a 10€ discount off one of our future BP conferences.  Alternatively, if you collect at least 10 credits, you can request a payout. In this case 1 credit is worth 8 euros.  For example if 12 people buy videos using your email, you’ll receive a 1-year access to the videos for the first 2 people, and a 100€ discount off a future BP conference or 80€ transferred to your bank account.   For such transfers you’ll need to issue an invoice.

Within the referral programme you can tell your followers / colleagues that they can buy a 1-year access to the videos at 29€ (+VAT, if applicable) instead of the usual 75€.  They’ll need to enter the coupon ‘bpvl1y’ during the shopping process.  All such purchases must be concluded by 15 April 2020.  (We’ll need to pay for video production services before the conference.)

BP20 videos will be available from June 2020, so as part of the 1-year access they’ll be able to watch those as well.  The 1-year period starts on the date of activating the unique URL that they’ll receive after their purchase is confirmed.

More details on the videos here. (

Sponsor referral programme

If you manage to convince companies to become sponsors / exhibitors / advertisers, you’ll be rewarded in a similar way.  For each Silver level sponsor you’ll receive a 40€ discount, for each Gold level sponsor a 70€ discount, or for a Platinum level sponsor, a 110€ discount off a future BP conference.  The offer is valid only for companies that have never been sponsors of BP Translation Conferences.

It is not enough to recommend a company to us.  To be eligible for the discount, you’ll need to tell them about BP20 Translation Conference, they should familiarize themselves with the event, and they should be ready to become sponsors.

Contact us directly for any further details. (

Offer for associations / bloggers / communities

If you have many members or followers, you can earn BP credits as mentioned above.  Tell your audience about BP Video Library, and they can buy a 1-year access for 29€ (instead of the regular 75€). The process is pretty much the same as above under ‘BP Video Library referral programme’.

Why there’s no credit for conference ticket pruchases

We’re fully aware that the single most efficient way of advertising for BP events is word-of-mouth.  Any such help is greatly appreciated.  There’s no referral programme for such purchases for two reasons.  First, it’s much harder to keep track of eligible purchases.  Now we have over 2000 people on our mailing list, and it’s hard to tell who convinced whom.  Most probably in most people’s case it’s a combined effect: they heard about BPconf from several sources.   Second, an overwhelming portion of the ticket revenue is used to cover expenses — in fact, the largest part covers variable expenses such as catering.