Videos — The single most important part of the virtual conference is a collection of 31 videos to be recorded at BP19 Translation Conference in Bologna on 2-3 May 2019.   These will include 18 long sessions (55 minutes each) and 13 short talks (19 minutes talk +8 minutes Q&A).

Instead of live streaming, we decided to present the videos at a pre-defined schedule over a period of almost two weeks. To be exact, the virtual conference will take place between 14 and 25 May, Tuesday to Saturday on two subsequent weeks, with 3 videos shown on each day.  This way you can watch the videos at a leasurely pace, while not placing a heavy burden on your daily routine and workload.  The exact schedule will be determined around 6-7 May.  Most probably the first screenings will take place in the afternoon and early evening hours in the Central European time zone (morning hours in the Americas).

After the initial screening of each video, they remain available to watch any time for 4 months, until 14 September. You can then watch the videos any number of times.

Chat — Next to each video player you’ll have a good old-fashioned chat room that allows you type your comments while you watch the video during the first screening, interacting with fellow translators from around the world.  The relevant conference speakers will also be available to take questions during the first screening, and for one more hour after the first screening is over.   Chat rooms will remain open until 14 September, so you can read through the comments (or add your own comment) any time during this period.

Slides — You can flip through the presentation slides at your own pace while you watch the videos. Again, these remain available until 14 September.