At least one workshop is now sold out, with another one to follow soon.    We’re introducing a waiting list for two reasons.  First,  someone may cancel their conference attendance altogether, in which case a spot at a  workshop may be freed up.   Second, currently we have two small meeting rooms booked for the workshops, one with 12 seats, the other one with 15 seats.    In case several people sign up for the waiting list for a workshop that’s already sold out, we may book a larger meeting room.

Some people may be interested in a one-day ticket.  For the time being we’re aiming at filling up the capacity with regular two-day tickets.  Since on Thursday, 2 May we’ll have sessions in 3 parallel tracks,  we may be able to accommodate some more people on this day.   By late March it will be clear if we introduce one-day tickets for this day.  The price is likely to be around 70% of a 2-day ticket.

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