If you need a visa to visit Germany, you’ll need to go through a visa application process in the country of your residence.  Read the information below AND inquire at your local embassy or consulate as well.

In addition to submitting the visa application form itself, you’ll need to submit a host of other documents as well.

If you attend a conference (which will be the case), you’ll need to submit yet several more documents, such an invitation letter from the organizing company, a proof that you paid for your attendance, a proof that that organizing company fulfils the necessary requirements to organize the event, as well as a proof that you’re eligible in your home country to attend the event (i.e. some kind of proof that you work as a translator).

BP Translation Conferences are organized by a company registered in Hungary, which is part of the Schengen zone, and is also registered in Germany for taxation purposes.  We’ll send you the necessary documents together with your invitation letter as pdf files that you can print, then submit together with your visa application form.

Please fill in the form below with your details so that we can issue the invitation letter.

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Germany states that about 8-9% of all visa applications have been rejected last year.  The conference organizer bears no responsibility for any visa rejection.  What we can do is send you a full refund of your conference fee payment if you can prove you have to cancel your attendance because of a rejected visa application (i.e. even after the regular cancellation deadlines).

Make sure you apply for the visa well in advance, as the decision may take several weeks.

List of countries whose citizens need a visa to Germany

Visa application requirements

F.A.Q. on visa applications to Germany

Visa requirements for business purposes

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