19% VAT in certain cases

Please note that a 19% German VAT is applied if necessary, in the following cases:

1.  If you’re based in Germany, either as a business (having a VAT number) or an individual.   If you have a VAT number, you’ll be able to write off VAT paid on this online event in your next tax return.

2.  If you’re an individual residing anywhere, in our outside the European Union.

VAT-free purchase

You won’t have to pay VAT in the following cases:

3.  If you trade as a business with a valid EU-format VAT number, and you reside in the European Union outside Germany. In this case select ‘business’ under your name on the Checkout page, and enter your VAT number without spaces.  Your VAT number’s validity will be checked immediately against the VIES database.

4.  If you’re based outside the European Union AND you trade as a business that’s eligible for VAT-free purchases.  In this case select ‘business’ under your name on the Checkout page.   In this case you are responsible for making sure you’re eligible for such VAT-free purchase according to the accounting regulations of your country.

Troubleshooting:  VAT number is not accepted

If you fall into category 3. above, and your VAT number is not accepted, please double check these:

a.  Make sure you enter your VAT number without any space, i.e.   BE123456789

b.  The VIES database is connected with national VAT-number databases. If a national database is down or the connection is slow, this may result in an error, but this usually lasts only for a short time. Check back again in a few minutes.

c.  Are you sure your VAT number is still valid?  Are you sure you use an EU-format VAT number, and not your national one?