How to register for BP20 Online Translation Conference

Registration will start on Monday, 6 April.

Click on the Register menu on this website in the top right corner, then select the items you wish to purchase.  You’ll find a few items only:  the conference itself, the 3 masterclasses, and the 1-year access to the video library.

After selecting the desired item(s), click on ‘View Cart’ next to the item.  The Cart page opens, with the total amount shown. Please note that at this point the VAT amount is automatically added.

The next page is the Checkout page where you can enter your billing details.  If you’re eligible for a VAT-free purchase make sure you select ‘business’ in the dropdown menu, and then enter your VAT number. In this case the VAT amount disappears from the total.

Payment methods

You can choose from 3 different payment methods:

(1)  Bank transfer.  This is what most people choose.

(2) Transferwise.  Many people prefer this means of payment, with lower charges than a typical bank transfer.

Please note that these two options are available only until Tuesday, 14 April.  All transfers must arrive by Friday, 17 April.  If your payment does not arrive by that time, your purchase (thus registration) will be cancelled.   Make sure you enter your order number (a 5-digit number) in the comment field.  No need to enter ‘conference’ or ‘BP20’, and do not enter the number of the pro forma invoice.  Just enter the 5-digit order number.   For Transferwise transfers, please also mention your name in the comment field.

(3) Credit/Debit card or PayPal.  This is the fastest means of payment, but also the costliest for the recipient.  For this reason, please note that a 4.5% surcharge is added. Also, for taxation reasons, if your base purchase is liable for VAT payment, the surcharge must also be taxed.

Please note that from Wednesday, 15 April, only this means of payment will be available.


When you place your order, you’ll receive an automatically generated pro forma invoice.  This includes all the necessary information for bank transfer (which are the same for Transferwise transfers).  You will also find some information on your browser screen after placing the order.

As soon as your payment arrives (we’ll check the bank account twice a day), your payment will be approved, and you’ll receive an automatically generated invoice.

Other automated processes

Two other automated processes will be triggered when your payment is approved:

(1)  You’ll be registered into our event app provided by Whova, and you’ll also receive an email with instructions and tips on how to use the app.

(2)  You’ll be registered into all webinars and meetings that constitute the online conference.  In the case of masterclasses, you’ll be registered into the respective Zoom meetings.  If you purchase access to the video library, you’ll receive an automated email with a unique URL that opens our Vimeo channel for you.

Please note information in this paragraph is subject to change (e.g. you may be registered into the webinars/meetings at a later point, not at the time of payment approval.)